Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Hobb Nobbing with House Cortez

Killiks, Why'd it have to be Killiks

Upon landing everyone spread out to find their own information regarding the Killiks. Plashi went hob nobbing with the local nobles and found out a great deal about the political infighting that was going on. The planet’s king had died and the many noble houses vied for the throne. Plashi found out a great deal regarding the two houses in the lead for the throne, those being House Ulgo and House Organa. She also found out that there were both Jedi and Sith representatives on the planet both throwing support to a different house that seemingly backed their ideals. In order to get even more info on the Killiks and current doings on the planet, Plashi flirted her way into becoming the date of the Duke of House Cortez at a party his family was throwing that night that would include most of the important people of Alderaan.
During this time, Sisko, Talon, and Ida-1 went to see Sisko’s dad at his casino. Sisko’s father was distraught and was remiss to admit that he and Sisko’s mom tried to cut a deal with the Killiks to have them raid local merchant caravans that the duo would give up and in exchange they would get the first pick of the trade, but the Killiks were offended at this and kidnapped Sisko’s mother. After some aggravated words from Sisko, Papa Porkins professed how proud he was of his son. At that point the group met up together in the center of town to discuss a plan of action.
Though Sisko wished to save his mother right away, Plashi convinced the group to save the raid until morning and to get more info at this party that she had gotten them invited to. They arrived at the party with dress clothes picked out by Plashi and began to live it up with the party. The group managed to advertise their services as mercenaries to the local guard, and found out about the Killiks background and how they claim to be from the planet’s core and were the planet’s first inhabitants. They also found out that they have been trying to find access to diplomatic meetings but most of the noble wished not to involve with those “creatures”. Among Plashi and Sisko both managed to speak to the Jedi Representative, Jedi master Beld and a Dark Lord of the Sith , representative of the Sith empire, who were both arguing loudly over the state of the galaxy. After Sisko interjected with his ideals of letting it be, the sith seemed to get the last laugh on the Jedi. After having a brief conversation with the Jedi master, Sisko then spoke with the Sith Lord’s apprectice Lea who, at first did not care for Sisko, but after a joyride on Jake’s speeder, she seemed to warm up to Sisko and his ideals. The night closed up and after Duke Cortez snubbing Plashi due to her heritage, the group set in for the night and set out in the morning to deal with the Killiks and retrieve Sisko’s mom.
The group took a speeder to the Killik’s hive and noticed a structure amongst the race. They then decided to take the diplomatic route and try to speak to the Killiks. The Killiks, not able to speak basic, figured out that the group was trying to speak to them and commenced a ritual fighting dance. Impressed by the group’s ability to dance, especially Sisko’s, they led them inside into the main antechamber. There Sisko found the surprise of his life as his mother didn’t seem to be in trouble at all, well other than the large black eyes she was now sporting. She explained to the group that when sisko’s parents had went to meet with Killiks, they were offended, but did not take her by force. They had asked for one of them to become a joiner, a non killik who is joined with the hive mind, in order to help with diplomacy with the Alderaanian nobles. Sisko’s father then pushed his wife forward, volunteering her and then ran away. Sisko’s mother, sensing an opportunity to live the high life as a diplomat, though she says it was the kindness of her heart, she accepted the joining ritual, which was irreversible. Sisko did not like this at all and his mother admitted wanted to go home but not wanting to leave the Killiks behind(mainly due to a change in personality now that she was one with the Killiks), so in order to do so either one of the party had to take her place, or they could try to find an Organian diplomat, named Pabel, who had already been joined. Sisko, almost volunteering to be joined, camed to his senses and with the rest of the party agreed to find her. The Killiks had found out that she was kidnapped by House Rist who supported house Ulgo and didn’t want a diplomat of House Organa to find peace with the Killiks and further House Organa’s stature. She was being held in a fort nearby, so the group decided to prepare and raid the fort.


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