Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Assaulting House Rist

And uncovering a mortal enemy...

After surveying the surroundings of the fort, the party realized that there was not enough time to attempt a stealth approach on the compound. Instead they decided that the best course of action would be to approach the gates in full view and pass themselves off at mercenaries.

They approached the compound and confronted two guards on the outside of the gates. They demanded to speak to the guards superiors. Talon eventually resorted to dropping Jacob’s name, as a reference as to why House Rist should hire them. After much bickering the party was aloud to enter. There was a receptionist behind blaster proof glass who took all their names down. They then walked through a force field where they were embedded with tracking chips.

In another holding room, Talon and Sisko began to bar-rate the front desk receptionist, Bob Bilday’re, until he reluctantly went to “Go get his boss”. The party began looking around at the cameras that were watching them when Talon discovered small vents under the benches that looked like they were designed to fill the room with gas. He didn’t have enough time to warn the others before the gas began to pour into the room. Luckily everyone was able to get their breathing masks on, except for Jake.

Sisko quickly began cutting his way through one of the doors as Plashi and Talon blasted out the cameras. Jake and IDA-1 hacked the computer terminal that Bob Bilday’re had been at, attempting to shut off the gas and open the doors. After a few moments, they were able to open the doors and all but IDA-1 moved into the next room where several Rist Agents were waiting. The agents attempted to take cover in a smoke screen, but the party was quick to cut them down. As the last Rist Agent went down, he activated a large detonation charge that was located in the middle of the room. The blast blew a hole into the floor and caused ruble to fall onto IDA-1. After uncovering IDA-1, the party took a moment to have Plashi remove the trackers.

They quickly rushed down stairs, jumping over the large gap that was created when the floor blew, to a small control room. There were four rooms off the main chamber. They began checking each room for the girl they were attempting to save. In the last room, they found her with several Rist Agents and Bob Bilday’re. Sisko quickly positioned himself between the agents and the unconscious girl. After eliminating the other agents, Bob Bilday’re revealed that he was wearing a bomb vest and threatened to detonate it unless they did not let him leave with the girl. Talon and Jake quickly shot the detonator switch to prevent him from being able to trigger the bomb.

Bob Bilday’re quickly adjusted his demands to simply being aloud to leave. If the party would allow him past he would show them the way out. After cautiously walking through them, Bob Bilday’re opened the secret exit. As soon as he opened the door, Talon charged him attempted to kill him. Bob Bilday’re managed to avoid the attack and began to make a run for it. Talon attempted to take a shot at him, but his serpentine style of motion and the structure of the secret tunnel cause Talon to miss wildly.

The party turned their attention back to the unconscious girl who they were there to rescue. They went outside only to find that Bob Bilday’re had damaged their speeder and was now jetting across the Alderaan plains on Jake’s Speeder. Sisko demanded that they return this girl so he could save his mother rather than pursue Bob Bilday’re. Reluctantly the party agreed, but they made not attempts to hide their since of urgency when they met with the Killik. They recovered Sisko’s Mother and dropped both Sisko and her at the Porkin’s home before quickly resuming the hunt for Bob Bilday’re. They tracked the speeder to where it was deserted right outside the local spaceport.

Plashi and Jake went inside the space port to find Bob Bilday’re. IDA-1 and Talon discovered his jacket and the bomb he had been wearing in a trash receptacle outside. They recovered the bomb only moments before hearing a commotion from inside. Plashi and Jake had discovered Bob Bilday’re attempting to board a freighter while wearing a disguise. When they attempted to stop him from leaving he had called for the guards and claimed they were trying to kill him. The spaceport security did not know what to do with them so they were going to take them all into custody. Talon and IDA-1 then entered the spaceport and attempted to thank the guards for apprehending their “Escaped Bounties”. The guards demanded that Talon and IDA-1 go with them until this could be sorted out. Talon agreed and attempted to put the guards at ease, telling them of the crimes that Bob Bilday’re and these other two lowly criminals had taken part in. But when he turned over the bomb vest that they had just recovered, the guards quickly escalated the situation, taking Talon into custody as well.

They members of the party were split into separate rooms where they were interrogated by different officers. Plashi attempted to stick to a story that Bob Bilday’re was attempting to be a dead beat breeder, Jake offered to let the officers be in the “Much anticipated” sequel to “Sithligula”, IDA-1 was being hacked into by a security guard, and Talon was assaulted by a guard with some racial prejudices against Mandalorians. After some of the information given by Jake and Talon appeared to pan out, it looked like they were only slightly out of the woods. Sisko managed to travel to the spaceport were he located Jedi Master Beld. He requested assistance from the Jedi in helping him with his friends who he felt were probably in trouble. Master Beld assisted him on one condition, that Sisko meet him on Coruscant and listen to him about the Jedi path.

After agreeing, the Jedi master entered the security offices and one by one freed the party. Bob Bilday’re had been released some time ago because of his connections within to spaceport security through House Rist. The party was able to recover all their gear, except for the bomb vest and any smaller explosives they had in their possession. Master Beld demanded that they leave the planet immediately, and even had a repair crew expedite the repairs to the Bes’tor so they could leave.


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