Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Bounties, New Faces, and Old Family

After the incident on Cerea the group spent the next few weeks evading Cerean/Repulic forces regarding the massacre at the Council of Elders camp. On the positive side, the Council Elder that the group did save, has provided her side of the story, and rather than merely wanted for acts of terrorism, the group is wanted for questioning. Cerea, on the other hand, is torn in half over the apparent guilt of the matter. Half of the population immediately blaming the group while the other half want additional investigations, with a small portion falling into Sisko’s growing Bindoist movement. So much so, that Sisko was pressed to give a holonet sermon to those Cereans who would listen. Also during this time, Plashi completed her autopsy on Khardis Ja’kelis and confirmed that he had been taking muscle and reflex enhancers and that there had been extensive surgery done on his right brain, as Cereans have one on each side of their head. Plashi’s father Gant, also implored the group to go to Coruscant, as he had suggested earlier but also so that he could turn himself in and serve as a key witness to what had happened on Cerea. Before doing this though, the crew needed supplies, and needed money, so they decided to take a bounty for a fugitive named Alexandria Snow, which is to be turned into either the authorities, or a senator on Coruscant (depending on whether they hand her in alive or dead.) Problem is, she was last seen headed to the planet Dorin, home of the Kel Dor, which lies at the border of the Republic and the Sith Empire.
After arriving on Dorin and tracking down her whereabouts, the group located Alexandria’s ship, the Blizzard, to a mechanics shop who mainly deals small ships. There they waited for her arrival. Eventually her personal droid arrived and climbed aboard the ship, but before the hatch could close, Sisko ran from his hiding place and jumped into the ship only to find Alexandria Snow who had just woken up and had apparently been on the ship the entire time. A fight then ensued, with Plashi using the mechanical equipment to dump the smuggler,Sisko, Talon(who had jumped in after Sisko, and the droid out onto the grounds of the shop where a battle entailed. Through clever use of the machinery, including Plashy’s use of the giant mechanical claw to tip over the ship and Ida using another claw to destroy the speeders Alexandria used to hide behind, the crew overwhelmed the droids and took the bounty hostage. Aboard the ship, the crew attempted to fish out information from their bounty, but weren’t quite as successful as Jake’s sexually aggressive negotiations. They were able to get information that would enhance their payday. During this time, the crew got a message from a man named Case, who was apparently sent by Jacob Bandon to help out their cause. They decided to meet at Coruscant since that was where they were instructed by Plashi’s father to go and that was where they had to drop off their bounty. After an almost all too revealing meeting with the man, they decided to work together and the first job he would do would be to drop off their bounty since republic authorities were still looking for the crew. He did exactly that and the crew was aptly paid. While this happened Gant Vebbar made good on his promise and said a sweet goodbye to his extended family and left to turn himself in to the authorities, leaving his wife behind in the crew’s care.
After meeting up again, the entire group went to the storage chambers located in sector 1362. Once there, they found a digital padlock and when they tried to tamper with it, a thick class case surrounded the group and an acidic fog began to fill the chamber. After strenuous attempts to hack into the padlock and even drill downward with Case’s newly unveiled lightsabers, the crew was able to open a whole in the storage chamber doors large enough for the crew to fit through. Once in the storage room, they found rows and rows of boxes and chests full of parts and pieces and tools. A green glow lit up the back wall, and as the group followed the light, a proximity alert from one of the boxes sounded, as a broken up decrepit droid crawled from its dilapidated resting place, and proclaimed “INTRUDER ALERT”. Upon hearing this, multiple broken down droid, not all even in one piece, emerged from their storage areas and descended upon the crew with a zombie-like demeanor. Case immediately sprang into action with a lightning quick, yet almost aloof, efficiency. Unfortunately for him though, that maneuver put him in the heart of the droids acting purely on base programming to eliminate all intruders. A few blasts from some droid firearms and some swipes from blades protruding from the arms of these mechanical abominations, put Case in a bad way. Support was not far behind though, as Sisko joined the melee and helped case take a few of the zombie-droids down, while Plashi, Ida-1, Talon, and Jake Stood behind and used their firearms to keep the farther away droids at bay. The outstanding performer during this fight though was the emergence of Plashi’s HK droid, nicknamed Alexis. Using it’s long range rifle, Alexis was able to shoot down some of the droids, firing massive blasts, proving itself quite useful in a fight. After a very arduous fight, the crew was able to put down the remaining droids. They then followed the light to the back wall where they found a large storage container with another digital padlock. After a few tries, Ida-1 suggested to use the password IdaTalon as the password since this was Raylon Ordo’s secret workspace. The container immediately opened up on its own, revealing a very real looking, inactive droid made to look like a young human female. A holo-projection, then turned on in the image of Raylon Ordo, explaining himself to be an AI with the personality and memories of the original Raylon. It was left behind for Raylon to come back but seeing the duo, it knew what had transpired to its programmer. It then explained that years ago, Raylon and Theresa(Talon’s mother) had a daughter, but when she was very young, the daughter was hit by a speeder and died. Theresa never recovered, committing herself to her work as a soldier and commander, while Raylon spend time with his newborn son and immediately went to work on his mechanics and droids, eventually creating an AI that he could program with the personality and memories of his daughter. That AI was Ida-1, and this was the body he had created for his daughter. Plashi deciding to raid the room for scraps and tools, she enlisted the boys, minus Talon, and her droids to help move the parts onto the ship while Ida and Talon discussed their newfound realization. Talon deciding to accept Ida as a sister, while Ida in deep decision over how to accept this gift of a body.


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