Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Out of the Fire

into the Scorching Desert

The sirens blared and alarms went off all across Bes’tor. Sisko and IDA-1 managed to gain control of the ship just in time to guide her into the safest crash landing possible. Jake remained asleep for most of the crash, only emerging from his bunk after they had touched down.

As the smoke cleared and the dust settled, the crew began to do system checks, except for Plashi who was in a state of complete shock. Jake even began to see if he could rip parts off his bike to make the ship flight worthy again. Unfortunately, the damage to essential systems was too extensive. Power couplings were pulverized, relay circuits were fused, and bulkhead panels were barely staying intact. They were unable to get out the main gantry ramp and instead had to climb out an access port. The ship was halfway buried in sand. This excavation and repair were going to take a long time, and the sun was blisteringly hot. Plashi attached a large ribbon to the top of the ship so that it could be found should further sand collect and bury the ship further and the party gathered to head towards the ominous tower in the distance. Hopefully there was some kind of settlement there that would have parts to repair their ship.

They began their long walk across the desert just as a sandstorm began to pick up. Sisko desperately used the force to try to keep a small amount of calm around them as they walked through the swirling cloud of sand. As the sand became more dense, they lost sight of Bes’tor and soon the only reference point in the sky of brown and tan was the dark tower that loomed in the distance. Talon confident in his helmet to protect his eyes from the sand, blazed the path ahead of the group stamping deep tracks in the sand for them to follow. Jake even managed to find and kill a small reptile that was trying to scurry to safety, using its sustenance to keep the parties strength up. As the storm subsided the group was too exhausted to push on further. They decided to stop and rest for a moment. But that rest would be brief.

As soon as they began setting up a camp, they began to hear a ruckus from the other side of a sand dune. Talon and IDA-1 crept to the crest of the dune and saw a reptilian hound being attacked by a swarm of winged creatures. The pair were headed strait for the top of the dune at high speed. Talon and IDA attempted to warn the others to run, but before they could make it out of the bowl of sand they were in, the pair of fighting beasts crested the dune and made their way right towards the middle of the group.

When the fight began, Jake yelled to Sisko to jump and rev’ed his speeder right towards him. Sisko jumped high in the air and landed on the speeder a split second right after Jake leaped from it attempting to wrangle the reptilian hound. The hound quickly shook Jake off and cut him with a deep gash. Sisko in turn took the speeder and flew away from the feuding beasts. The winged creatures now turned their focus to Talon who was firing wildly into the swarm. Plashi was finally able to subdue the reptile and the rest of the party slowly killed off the last of the winged creatures. They had only a few moments to rest and patch their wounds, before an even larger swarm of the winged creatures began to loom on in the distance. The party began to brace for the upcoming fight.

Suddenly a hail of bullets from slugthrowers blasted over the top of the dunes. The bullets pelted down the creatures in swaths. The party hesitantly turned their attention to the two men who rode up behind them. They had been saved by these two rugged looking men riding one of the same reptiles that Plashi had tranquilized. The men were in awe of the two working droids and welcomed the party to come with them back to their village, Gilead.

As the rode into the village, they started to notice, it was a village of clones. In the center of the town there was a crashed Kaminoan vessel at a steep angle pointing towards the sky. The two men they had encountered earlier, Roland and Susannah, told the party they should meet with their leader Arthur. After speaking with him, they found that shortly after crashing, the clones began awaking but without their memories being implanted. They instead found a document written about the dark tower which looked very similar to that which was on this planet. They based all aspects of their society on the ideas and characters of the story. They had stripped the crashed ship to make small shelters and build up the village.

They asked the party to undertake a large task. They wanted the party to travel to the dark tower, their beliefs prevented them. First they had to pass through a ceremony to become “Gunslingers” consisting of shooting targets while reciting the gunslinger litany. Sisko went off with Jake to get special training in “the touch” while the rest of the group stayed behind and went through the ceremony with Eddie.

Now that they have been made “Gunslingers”, they began making their preparations to pass the “Wolves” and head into the Dark Tower.


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