Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

The Apprentice: Sith Edition

Class is now in session

After exiting the Dark Tower, the party was confronted with a massive Terentatek. The beast has laid waist to the gunslingers and tossed Roland aside as it had new pray. Talon and Jake attempted to draw its attention but it took in a deep breath and went into a rage. It’s focus was Sisko. It ignored all fire as it pinned Sisko to a rock face cutting off his retreat and smashing him down. It began trying to feed on the force inside Sisko, and as it did, it’s wounds began to close. Plashi was able to make her way over to Jake Chambers and stop the bleeding from his severed limb, but this was little more than a field dressing. The monstrous beast turned its attention to Talon. It chased him deep into the rose bushes surrounding the tower, smashing its way through the thick brush seaming to not care about the barbed vines. It managed to get in a few swiped before being brought down. Unfortunately there was no time to rest.

Over the hill came an entire squad of sith acolytes. They quickly picked up Jake Chambers and Sisko and strapped them down to stretchers. Plashi stepped in the way asking one of the offices what they thought they were doing. The officer replied that he didn’t have time to explain if she wanted to save her friends. Talon and Plashy rushed over to Roland to help him up so they could heal him as well, but his wounds were too sever. He wanted to know how his Ka’tet was, he wanted to know if Jake lived. Talon tried his best to tell this man that his friend…his family were dead. He assured Roland that Jake lived and that he was going to get treated, luckily Plashi stepped in to help tell him that Eddie and Susannah were dead. Within second, Roland had passed. The group pilled into the transports. There was no time to morn, no time to even bury the dead. If they wanted to save Sisko and Jake Chambers, they would have to leave the gunslingers there in the shadow of the Dark Tower.

The ride to the Sith Academy was long, and several of the party attempted to make idle conversation to with the Sith on the transports. Talon and several sith began to have an argument about Sith principles and about the lightsabers that hung as a trophy from his belt. After a snide jab that the sith he killed were not worthy opponents because they got themselves killed, one of the sith tried to push him from the transport. He managed to hang on, but IDA-1 zapped the argumentative sith. The sound of lightsabers igniting filled the transport, but the Sith Instructor stepped in and told them to stop. He instructed Talon to keep his droid under control.

After arriving at the academy, they were told they would be meeting with Darth Nox. Sisko and Jake were taken to the infirmary, where Jake was rushed into surgery. Sisko soon awoke to find the aura of the Darkside a little overpowering. Despite their reputation, the sith were quite hospitable to him. He quickly got dressed and met up with IDA-1 and Talon in the academy’s archives. They caught him up to speed about the meeting with Darth Knox just moments before they had to go up to the Dark Council Chambers and meet with him.

In the meeting Darth Nox, asked what they were doing on Korriban. Talon was quick to reply that bad astrogate information had caused their ship to crash, and that they were looking in the wreckage of the Kaminoan ship to find parts to repair their ship. Darth Knox informed him that everything that had been looted from that ship where still unused by the academy and that he could ‘requisition’ them as payment for services, if the party would do something for him. He wanted Sisko to pretend to be his apprentice to take part in some hunt for a Datacron. The party would be masquerading as his minions controlled by his force mind control. They agreed to this task and began their charade.

The trials of the Sith began with a wookie and a Sith Officer walking through the ranks of the students asking questions. Those who answered wrong were either cut down immediately or beaten severely. Sisko unfortunately failed his attempt to cheat, but luckily the official had been coerced or paid off by Darth Knox. He quickly rushed Sisko and the others off to a separate room. There they took part in a separate trial. They all connected to a holocron and they began to share a vision with the holocron. Smoke began to form into the shape of Massassii warriors. The warriors approached the group speaking in a tongue which none of them could understand. They began to get enrage when no one could understand them, but Sisko pushed out with the force to display his power and they began to back up and finally the vision faded.

Soon they were sharing a second vision. They were aboard a ship and the crew quickly reported that they were surrounded and that the only way to make it out alive was to attack their own fleet. Talon assessed the situation and gave the order to fire. As the vision continued, they began to come under fire from both armies, IDA-1 moved quickly to lock down the airlocks to protect the bridge, but killed hundreds of the crew in the process. Plashi attempted to save some of the wounded crew, neglecting those she felt were her friends and focusing on those that were more valuable to the ship. Sisko gave up his escape pod to a fellow crew member deciding to go down with the ship. As the crewman rushed towards the pod, Talon surveyed the battlefield and turned the ship pushing the controls to full throttle heading right for the main enemy battle cruiser. If they were going down, they were not going to go out alone.

The vision came to an end and they were broken away from the holocron with some slight lingering wounds. They took a second and got their bearings. The other students had already begun the trials. They would have to rush to catch up with them…


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