Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Deathstroke and the Mandalorians

The bes'bev plays a sweet sound and slices deep

Deathstroke had to blast his way through the astroids to get to the Bes’tor. To prevent them from making the jump to lightspeed, he launched three small strike craft. Jake and Talon jumped on the guns and began fighting off the strike craft. IDA-1 tried desperately to keep the targeting sensors locked as Sisko threw the ship into a series of barrel rolls and flips in an attempt to avoid fire. Plashi struggled to keep the shields functioning as the ship the three fighters blasted the ship. The last of the fighters was destroyed as Sisko completed the final calculations for hyperspace. They made the jump to hyperspace just as Deathstroke broke through the asteroid field.

The battle had left them badly damage. They now had a decision to make, continue all the way to Cerea with their current damage or try to take safe refuge on Mandalore and get repairs. Upon landing on Mandalore however, the party was surrounded by enraged mandalorians who took them into custody.

After much complaining, finally the party met with Theresa Ordo, who had a bombshell to drop. She told Talon that his father, Raylon, was a traitor to Mandalore and had refused the call to battle, the mistaken identity of Talon was the reason of their imprisonment. She did however assured Talon and the others that they would soon be set free, as she was going to use her high ranking position to clear this mistake up. After a while the guards were no longer patrolling the corridor outside the holding cell. After several hours of no one coming to check on them, the party began to get suspicious and attempted to get free from the cell. They were able to get out in a short while. As soon as they left the cell though they were once again surrounded by angry mobs of mandalorians. They took them to a separate holding cell under a large Colosseum.

After being stuck in this pin for a while two large doors opened out to the arena. Across the arena where several mandalorians with Strill on chains. In the middle of the arena was a large spinning blade that was not quite high enough for a normal height person to fit under without laying prone. Above them in the crowd a voice came over the loud speaker. It was Theresa Ordo. She made bold accusations that Mandalore had let them escape and that she had recaptured them, she demanded that he be over thrown and that she become the new Mandalore. As for the prisoners, they would fight for their right to live, along side the other traitors from their clan, Drayfus Aruetyc.

Talon was quick to the fight, taking a dive under the blades and opening fire on the hounds and their handlers. They had been trained to fight in this arena though and the advantage was theirs. The dogs quickly dodged the shots and rushed under the blades, ripping into Talon with their vile maws. The handlers where also shorter than normal mandalorians, they were able to assume a bizarre crouched stance and dodge the spinning blade. IDA-1 and Plashi began shooting at the handlers which were obviously focused on the dishonored mandalorian. Realizing the error of his assault, Talon tried throwing a small grenade as he tried to break away from the hounds, but that crouched position kept them light on their feet and they quickly evaded the explosion. Sisko rushed in to draw some attention off Talon who was badly wounded as Plashi dashed forward and pretended to faint so she could apply a medpack without drawing too much attention. With a final flash of blaster fire, they were able to bring down the last of the handlers and hounds.

But there would be no rest this day.

A large door opened at the far end of the arena and a bull Rancor charged forward. Drayfus yelled at everyone to get back just as the Rancor broke the spinning blade and began to charge at the party. Drayfus managed to draw its attention and caused it to crash into the far wall breaking an opening in the wall for them to escape. There would be no honor or retribution this day.


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