Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

The Great Escape, Mandalore Edition

Pipes, Pipes, Pipes

As our intrepid quintet exited the arena, Dreyfus called Talon in closer. He explained that Talon’s father was not a traitor, and in fact it was his who had made a deal with the R.S.I. to confiscate the teleportation technology, but Raylon Ordo saw this as a betrayal, and threatened to expose Theresa. Instead Theresa used her position as general to frame Raylon and those loyal to him. So Raylon took talon and those still loyal to clan Ordo and escaped. He also explained that when they were attacked on Raxus prime, it was Theresa who led the charge and it was her that murdered her own husband. It was clear that Dreyfus wanted to say more but the crowd was quickly closing in, so he demanded the group run away while he stay behind to distract the troops, but not before giving talon a missing piece of equipment that hooked up to IDA -1 that would help focus the search on the parts to Raylon’s teleportation device. Lastly, he gave Talon his gloves to remember him by as he let the group escape while he distracted the oncoming horde.
Even though the soldiers at the arena were thoroughly distracted, the group had to run through the streets to escape the local authorities. IDA-1 and others attempted to blend in with the crowd that formed during the chaos that Plashi created by yelling “hey there they went, the criminals are over there!”. After a while, though the mandalorian horde was on their tail. After Talon bowled through the crowd to clear a path, they found that the only way to escape was through an underground pipeline/sewer. They trudged through the pipeline with the mandalorians still following behind. Ida-1 shorted out the electrical grid causing more confusion, but it didn’t take long for the soldiers to follow them into the pipe and begin shooting. The Group managed to reach a hatch at, what seemed to be, the end of the large pipe, but before they could exit, one of the Mandalorian soldiers shot out a port hole that immediately started letting in massive amounts of water. The group was able to close the hatch behind them and leave the soldiers to their watery doom, but unfortunately the water pressure was building up on the hatch and the only way to go once on the other side of the hatch was up. Everyone was able to climb or jump their way onto another platform while Plashi was able to open a new hatch and then close it before the water could catch up to them. After a quick survey of the area they found that they were in another long corridor, and if they hoped to survive they had to act quickly as the water was sure to build up against the door and flood the corridor they were currently in. After sprinting to the other end they saw what seemed to be an elevator shaft for a shipment platform, but the platform was underwater with the lever stuck on the bottom. Plashi quickly went into action diving in and pulling on the lever. With the help of Sisko who used the force up top, they were able to get the platform going and everyone jumped on to the quickly ascending platform.
The platform rushed to the top but it didn’t seem like it was going to stop in time for the group to jump off to the top floor landing. Talon tried slowing down their ascent by jamming his bayonet tipped blasted into the rotating gear, the group tried drastic measures to slow themselves down to no avail until at the last minute, they were able to squeeze their way onto the landing, with some help from Talon, before the platform crashed into the ceiling. Finally they had reached the top floor and they opened the sliding door to a site for sore eyes, the Bes’Tor. They boarded their ship and evaded any pursuers , and jumped into hyperspace.
Once, they were far enough away from the planet Mandalore, the group came together to decide where to go next. Talon, shut himself away in his room and for the time being was inconsolable. During this time, Sisko had a vision of danger, seeing visions of his mother being taken by ant like creatures called Killiks. There was no other option, they decided to postpone their trip to Cerea and help Sisko’s family on Alderaan.


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