Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

The Defeat of Darth Khardis

Damn you Bob!

After a quick staredown with, the newly-revealed,Darth Khardis, the crew of the Bes’tor sprang into action. Jake Lloyd used his supreme agility to distract the sith lord while covering the area in blaster fire. This proved a difficult task though as theWrath of the Emperor proved to be supremely quick. So quick, in fact, that he was able to threaten a wider area so that it was difficult to get it close. He was indeed a whirling dervish, but Talon was able to land a direct hit, which would have been a mortal wound had it not been for the Darth’s shield generator that now hung by his side, powerless due to Talon’s powerful shot. After the blow though, it proved a lot harder to penetrate Khardis’s defenses as he whirled his dual lightsabers around him. He also showed great quickness as he attacked multiple opponents at once, though sacrificing accuracy. After a failed attempt at attacking talon, Darth Khardis decided to get revenge for the earlier hit and focused both lightsabers in one mighty blow on talon, piercing him through the shoulder. During that time both Sisko and Ida-1 tried maneuvering around the Sith only to be hit by the blades of the lightsaber, which nearly took down the droid. At a key moment in the battle,Plashi, who had been having trouble striking the dark lord with her needler, commanded her droids to make a full on attack, but the sith, who had been worn down quite a bit, placed mechanical speaking device to his mouth and spoke in a complex binary language which enabled him to issue commands to all the droids on the field to attack their masters. Plashi was quickly able to undo the commands through some quick computer work, but Talon wasn’t so capable. Ida-1 aimed and fired but thankfully missed the target and before pulling together to fight the control. Angry at the attempted droid coup, Plashi once again attempted hit the Sith Lord with her needler and was finally able to hit the mark. As the poison filled Khardis’ veins, his last words to the group was that of disbelieve that the rag tag group could take kill the wrath of the emperor and with him…the Red Saber Initiative (R.S.I.). With that final word, Talon gave him a coup de gras and so was the end of Darth Khardis
After this the group, through the assistance of IDA-1, tracked the recordings of the security tapes and saw the evidence of Darth Khardis sneaking into the jail as a guard and then staging a jailbreak as a distraction, killing those in his way as he headed towards the group. What they didn’t expect to see though once they got back to the compound was all the personal had been murdered either by lightsaber slashes or deflected blaster fire. At the sight of this, Plashi rushed to her parents back at their cell and demanded that they leave with the group. Plashi’s father Gant, exclaimed that he wished to live out the rest of his sentence and pay his debt to society, but Plashi would have none of it, worrying that someone would be back to finish what Khardis had started. She even suggested tranquilizing the two so it would seem like they didn’t leave voluntarily. Gant seemed to think it would be a good idea, but before he could make that decision Plashi already knocked him out with the tranq, then followed up with her mother, having her droids bring them in to the Ship.
Upon further investigation, the crew found out that even the council of elders had been slain; all but one that is. Because of Plashi’s due diligence, the crew was able to save the force using Cerean elder and put her in a safe place for the authorities. After a quick plunder of some of the equipment on the compound, the crew left for the outsider citadel, immediately going to the Bes’Tor and leaving, and just in time to, because as they left, the holonet was immediately abuzz about the air traffic being completely shut down due to a terrorist attack on the council of elders. Edited clips of the crew firing their weapons mixed with the deflected blaster bolts caused by Darth Khardis, made it seem like the group was to blame for the atrocity. Immediately after the report, the crew was also sent a message from a familiar, but not so friendly face. Bob Bilday’re sent a recording, jibing at the crew, telling them, “good luck running from the republic”, and “no one messes with “Bob Bilday’re”. Furious, the crew vowed revenge!


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