Master Oblix Rander

Master Blix


Master Oblix Rander or “Blix” as he liked to be called, is a Kushiban trained many years ago by the student of Jolee Bindo, and founder of Bindoism, which teaches the follies of extremism of either side of the force. This belief if naturally shunned by both the Jedi and Sith who are at constant odds, but those who follow Bindoism believe that to truly follow the will of the force is to not force it’s will with light or dark but to just let the force be what it is, and use both sides as the need arises for the greater good. Master Blix was also the teacher of Sisko Porkins and colluded with Raylon Ordo and Gant Vebbar when the R.S.I. found the teleportation technology created by Raylon. Unfortunately, when Raylon died Rander was also killed by the bounty hunter Deathstroke, but left his legacy and the fate of Bindoism in the hands of his portly, yet capable hands of his apprentice Sisko.


Master Oblix Rander

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