Droid Scoundrel


IDA-1 (aka Intelligent Droid Assistant model #1) was created by Raylon Ordo, father to Talon Ordo, for the purpose of having both a companion and personal assistant at his computer lab in Raxus Prime. Her eagerness and devotion to help her master made her both a superior droid and a perfect counterpart to the rather introverted Mandalorian programmer. Often the little droid would watch the other Mandalorians training on Raxus and picked up on some of their combat techniques as well, integrating it into her programming for the purpose of self defense. IDA traveled the galaxy with Talon, helping him discover and invent new technologies. When Raylon ran into some trouble, he left IDA with Jooma The Hutt, but promised her that he would return for her eventually. He gave her the orders to obey Jooma as if she was her master, but remain loyal to him in secret and wait for his arrival. IDA of course agreed, and had a sad goodbye with her true master.

Jooma immediately had her new droid mindwiped, but somehow due to IDA’s unique personality, many of her memories remained, although some of her original programming and memories of her exploits with Raylon were erased. Still, she remembered her orders to wait, so wait she did…

Two years later, IDA-1 was thrilled to be “rescued” by Talon Ordo, who came to find IDA, not really to save her, but to find some information hidden deep within her heuristic processors. IDA was saddened to hear the news that Raylon had fallen into trouble and had been killed, but she was quick to ally herself to Talon, the closest relative to her deceased creator. She is enthusiastic to prove her worth and purpose and wants to restore the technology created by her original master.



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