Talon Ordo

A young mandalorian on a mission...


Talon is often seen wearing his Mandalorian helmet as it keeps with the cultural nature of being faceless and letting ones actions benefit the clan above themselves.

He has slightly dirty blonde hair like his mother, Theresa, combined with the rigid facial structure of his father, Raylon.

He has a tattoo that runs vertically across his left eye which reads “Cuy’val Dar” or ‘those who no longer exist’. This was a tribute to the fallen members of his clan, but has taken on much more meaning to him after he watched his father be killed.


Sith Acolyte’s Lightsaber
Zalban’s Wookiee Braid
Sith Apprentice’s Double bladed Lightsaber (damaged)
Sith Apprentice’s Lightsaber (Reluctantly Given to Sisko)
Terentatek tooth
Ludo Kressh Follower’s Lightsaber
House Rist Pistol


Bounty Hunting Licence from “the Bounty Hunter’s Guild” [issued on Cerea]

Current Bounties Being Hunted

that one zabrak chick Bank Robbery [issued on Cerea]

Bounties Collected



Born to Raylon and Theresa of the clan of Ordo, Talon was raised on Raxus Prime by his Uncle Drayfus Aruetyc. His father was often away on missions for the clan of Ordo, one of which brought about the rise of the Basalisk Droids, and his mother had been recalled to Mandalore. Left on Raxus Prime, the traditional training grounds of his clan, he spent most of his youth fighting off the errant droids on Raxus and bartering with Jawa traiders.

After an attack fell upon his clans training habitat, his father sent him away to rescue an invaluable droid from the world of Nar Shaddaa.

Talon Ordo

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