YT-1930 Junker


It needs a lot of work, but the group will soon get it up and running again. They have already gotten it a hyperdrive unit.

It is equipped with two cargo holds, Double laser cannons, and has enough room for the four crew and 7 passengers.

Talon has taken time to paint dark blue stripes across the hull in Mandalorian patterns, and has painted a very risque, by Mandalorian standards, picture of a female Mandalorian on the front quarter of the ship.

Bestor mk ii


Room Assignments-

  • 01: Cockpit
  • 02: Maintenance Access
  • 03: Lounge (w/Pazzak Table)
  • 04: Galley (Sisko is prohibited without supervision)
  • 05: Talon/IDA-1
  • 06: Plashi
  • 07: Crew Double Bunk Quarters
  • 08: Gun Well
  • 09: Refresher
  • 10: Escape Pod
  • 11: Personal Storage
  • 12: Landing Ramp
  • 13: Engineering
  • 14: Port Cargo Hold
  • 15: Starboard Cargo Hold
  • 16: Cold Storage

After stern negotiations with the “benevolent” Bisho’a, the party managed to secure this starship for a relatively low price. They traded the shuttle they received from the sith that betrayed them, and it was part of a three way deal with the Ortolans they had rescued from the same space station. In addition to the shuttle, Talon paid Bisho’a 7,000 credits and an additional 1,000 for transport to orbit to receive the starship and information on the location of a hyperdrive that would be compatible with the YT-2000 transport.


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