Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Long, long ago...In a galaxy far, far away
One small step for a Mandalorian, one giant leap for a Jedi

Two strangers, a young Jedi in training, and a lone Mandalorian separated from his clan, find themselves on the dangerous and murky streets of Nar Shaddaa, overwhelmed by the bright lights and hodgepodge of different cultures on the planet.

Though from different worlds, and different lives, their goals suddenly merged at a droid sellers warehouse in the Nikto sector. Both men were looking for an outdated droid who was currently in the possession of a Hutt gangster named Jooma.

The pair decided that this must have been more that just happenstance, so they decided to join forces to gain an audience with Jooma the Hutt. They made their way to a small casino and bar in the sector called the Shatner Nebula, where Sisko chose to wait outside and Talon went inside to gather some information about Jooma. While Talon was away forcing information out of the Shatner Nebula’s owner, Sisko was approached by a Mon Calamari and her entourage of gun toting Trandoshans and a Wookie. After a relatively brief conversation, Plashi had convinced Sisko to come with her to meet Jooma and after some aggressive discussions inside the Shatner Nebula, Talon was ‘persuaded’ to come as well.

Upon meeting with Jooma, Sisko and Talon began to negotiate with her to speak with the droid, but no Hutt would give up anything, not even a conversation, for free. She demanded that the pair help her acquire a shipment of kolto, an expensive medical chemical. Though Sisko quickly agreed to the terms, Talon demanded more for the difficult task. If he was going to undertake this task, he wanted the droid as his own. Reluctantly, Jooma agreed to all terms, with a few conditions. The droid in question and Plashi would accompany the pair on their mission, but there was another hitch, IDA-1 had been equipped with a bomb, to which Jooma held the detonator.


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