Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Bounties, New Faces, and Old Family

After the incident on Cerea the group spent the next few weeks evading Cerean/Repulic forces regarding the massacre at the Council of Elders camp. On the positive side, the Council Elder that the group did save, has provided her side of the story, and rather than merely wanted for acts of terrorism, the group is wanted for questioning. Cerea, on the other hand, is torn in half over the apparent guilt of the matter. Half of the population immediately blaming the group while the other half want additional investigations, with a small portion falling into Sisko’s growing Bindoist movement. So much so, that Sisko was pressed to give a holonet sermon to those Cereans who would listen. Also during this time, Plashi completed her autopsy on Khardis Ja’kelis and confirmed that he had been taking muscle and reflex enhancers and that there had been extensive surgery done on his right brain, as Cereans have one on each side of their head. Plashi’s father Gant, also implored the group to go to Coruscant, as he had suggested earlier but also so that he could turn himself in and serve as a key witness to what had happened on Cerea. Before doing this though, the crew needed supplies, and needed money, so they decided to take a bounty for a fugitive named Alexandria Snow, which is to be turned into either the authorities, or a senator on Coruscant (depending on whether they hand her in alive or dead.) Problem is, she was last seen headed to the planet Dorin, home of the Kel Dor, which lies at the border of the Republic and the Sith Empire.
After arriving on Dorin and tracking down her whereabouts, the group located Alexandria’s ship, the Blizzard, to a mechanics shop who mainly deals small ships. There they waited for her arrival. Eventually her personal droid arrived and climbed aboard the ship, but before the hatch could close, Sisko ran from his hiding place and jumped into the ship only to find Alexandria Snow who had just woken up and had apparently been on the ship the entire time. A fight then ensued, with Plashi using the mechanical equipment to dump the smuggler,Sisko, Talon(who had jumped in after Sisko, and the droid out onto the grounds of the shop where a battle entailed. Through clever use of the machinery, including Plashy’s use of the giant mechanical claw to tip over the ship and Ida using another claw to destroy the speeders Alexandria used to hide behind, the crew overwhelmed the droids and took the bounty hostage. Aboard the ship, the crew attempted to fish out information from their bounty, but weren’t quite as successful as Jake’s sexually aggressive negotiations. They were able to get information that would enhance their payday. During this time, the crew got a message from a man named Case, who was apparently sent by Jacob Bandon to help out their cause. They decided to meet at Coruscant since that was where they were instructed by Plashi’s father to go and that was where they had to drop off their bounty. After an almost all too revealing meeting with the man, they decided to work together and the first job he would do would be to drop off their bounty since republic authorities were still looking for the crew. He did exactly that and the crew was aptly paid. While this happened Gant Vebbar made good on his promise and said a sweet goodbye to his extended family and left to turn himself in to the authorities, leaving his wife behind in the crew’s care.
After meeting up again, the entire group went to the storage chambers located in sector 1362. Once there, they found a digital padlock and when they tried to tamper with it, a thick class case surrounded the group and an acidic fog began to fill the chamber. After strenuous attempts to hack into the padlock and even drill downward with Case’s newly unveiled lightsabers, the crew was able to open a whole in the storage chamber doors large enough for the crew to fit through. Once in the storage room, they found rows and rows of boxes and chests full of parts and pieces and tools. A green glow lit up the back wall, and as the group followed the light, a proximity alert from one of the boxes sounded, as a broken up decrepit droid crawled from its dilapidated resting place, and proclaimed “INTRUDER ALERT”. Upon hearing this, multiple broken down droid, not all even in one piece, emerged from their storage areas and descended upon the crew with a zombie-like demeanor. Case immediately sprang into action with a lightning quick, yet almost aloof, efficiency. Unfortunately for him though, that maneuver put him in the heart of the droids acting purely on base programming to eliminate all intruders. A few blasts from some droid firearms and some swipes from blades protruding from the arms of these mechanical abominations, put Case in a bad way. Support was not far behind though, as Sisko joined the melee and helped case take a few of the zombie-droids down, while Plashi, Ida-1, Talon, and Jake Stood behind and used their firearms to keep the farther away droids at bay. The outstanding performer during this fight though was the emergence of Plashi’s HK droid, nicknamed Alexis. Using it’s long range rifle, Alexis was able to shoot down some of the droids, firing massive blasts, proving itself quite useful in a fight. After a very arduous fight, the crew was able to put down the remaining droids. They then followed the light to the back wall where they found a large storage container with another digital padlock. After a few tries, Ida-1 suggested to use the password IdaTalon as the password since this was Raylon Ordo’s secret workspace. The container immediately opened up on its own, revealing a very real looking, inactive droid made to look like a young human female. A holo-projection, then turned on in the image of Raylon Ordo, explaining himself to be an AI with the personality and memories of the original Raylon. It was left behind for Raylon to come back but seeing the duo, it knew what had transpired to its programmer. It then explained that years ago, Raylon and Theresa(Talon’s mother) had a daughter, but when she was very young, the daughter was hit by a speeder and died. Theresa never recovered, committing herself to her work as a soldier and commander, while Raylon spend time with his newborn son and immediately went to work on his mechanics and droids, eventually creating an AI that he could program with the personality and memories of his daughter. That AI was Ida-1, and this was the body he had created for his daughter. Plashi deciding to raid the room for scraps and tools, she enlisted the boys, minus Talon, and her droids to help move the parts onto the ship while Ida and Talon discussed their newfound realization. Talon deciding to accept Ida as a sister, while Ida in deep decision over how to accept this gift of a body.

The Defeat of Darth Khardis
Damn you Bob!

After a quick staredown with, the newly-revealed,Darth Khardis, the crew of the Bes’tor sprang into action. Jake Lloyd used his supreme agility to distract the sith lord while covering the area in blaster fire. This proved a difficult task though as theWrath of the Emperor proved to be supremely quick. So quick, in fact, that he was able to threaten a wider area so that it was difficult to get it close. He was indeed a whirling dervish, but Talon was able to land a direct hit, which would have been a mortal wound had it not been for the Darth’s shield generator that now hung by his side, powerless due to Talon’s powerful shot. After the blow though, it proved a lot harder to penetrate Khardis’s defenses as he whirled his dual lightsabers around him. He also showed great quickness as he attacked multiple opponents at once, though sacrificing accuracy. After a failed attempt at attacking talon, Darth Khardis decided to get revenge for the earlier hit and focused both lightsabers in one mighty blow on talon, piercing him through the shoulder. During that time both Sisko and Ida-1 tried maneuvering around the Sith only to be hit by the blades of the lightsaber, which nearly took down the droid. At a key moment in the battle,Plashi, who had been having trouble striking the dark lord with her needler, commanded her droids to make a full on attack, but the sith, who had been worn down quite a bit, placed mechanical speaking device to his mouth and spoke in a complex binary language which enabled him to issue commands to all the droids on the field to attack their masters. Plashi was quickly able to undo the commands through some quick computer work, but Talon wasn’t so capable. Ida-1 aimed and fired but thankfully missed the target and before pulling together to fight the control. Angry at the attempted droid coup, Plashi once again attempted hit the Sith Lord with her needler and was finally able to hit the mark. As the poison filled Khardis’ veins, his last words to the group was that of disbelieve that the rag tag group could take kill the wrath of the emperor and with him…the Red Saber Initiative (R.S.I.). With that final word, Talon gave him a coup de gras and so was the end of Darth Khardis
After this the group, through the assistance of IDA-1, tracked the recordings of the security tapes and saw the evidence of Darth Khardis sneaking into the jail as a guard and then staging a jailbreak as a distraction, killing those in his way as he headed towards the group. What they didn’t expect to see though once they got back to the compound was all the personal had been murdered either by lightsaber slashes or deflected blaster fire. At the sight of this, Plashi rushed to her parents back at their cell and demanded that they leave with the group. Plashi’s father Gant, exclaimed that he wished to live out the rest of his sentence and pay his debt to society, but Plashi would have none of it, worrying that someone would be back to finish what Khardis had started. She even suggested tranquilizing the two so it would seem like they didn’t leave voluntarily. Gant seemed to think it would be a good idea, but before he could make that decision Plashi already knocked him out with the tranq, then followed up with her mother, having her droids bring them in to the Ship.
Upon further investigation, the crew found out that even the council of elders had been slain; all but one that is. Because of Plashi’s due diligence, the crew was able to save the force using Cerean elder and put her in a safe place for the authorities. After a quick plunder of some of the equipment on the compound, the crew left for the outsider citadel, immediately going to the Bes’Tor and leaving, and just in time to, because as they left, the holonet was immediately abuzz about the air traffic being completely shut down due to a terrorist attack on the council of elders. Edited clips of the crew firing their weapons mixed with the deflected blaster bolts caused by Darth Khardis, made it seem like the group was to blame for the atrocity. Immediately after the report, the crew was also sent a message from a familiar, but not so friendly face. Bob Bilday’re sent a recording, jibing at the crew, telling them, “good luck running from the republic”, and “no one messes with “Bob Bilday’re”. Furious, the crew vowed revenge!

Investigation on Cerea
Bounties, Birds, and Belanche

After leaving Alderaan, the group decided to finally catch up with Darth Khardis on the planet Cerea. Upon entering the atmosphere, they were prompted to dock at the local Outsider Citadel, one of many structures meant to house aliens looking to live or work on the planet as the residents of Cerea are very xenophobic. Once landed the group split up, trying to find evidence that Darth Khardis was here. The group also inquired about obtaining bounty hunter licences through the local bounty hunters guild. Finding information on both fronts, they first went to an abandoned building where secret high-profile bounties were auctioned to the highest bidder and where new hunters can get registered. After Registering their information, and some discussion on IDA-1 autonomy, Talon and Plashi both registered as Bounty Hunters. Even Jake was able to flirt(and sleep) his way into getting a license from the ever colorful Belanche the Cerean. After some quick tips on how to obtain bounties, the crew of the Bes’Tor followed up their second lead, as they had found out that the head of Cerean-Outsider relations and mayor of the citadel was named Khardis Jakelis. They made their way to city hall and met with this mayor who seemed to be a normal cerean who couldn’t give any insight as who the this sith might be. The group didn’t trust the Cerean to the point of offense, but the mayor did give them an option. The people on this side of the planet who might know if there was a sith on the planet would be the governing group of elders in charge of the Cerean government but they are xenophobic and do not take visits from outsiders, unless they were to achieve a feat of greatness that would help the cerean people in some kind of act of selflessness. The mayor then told the group of this species of bird that is important to the planet , but is also dying out because of the rocky and windy habitat they live in. If they were to bring some of the birds and their eggs back to the citadel, the government could relocate them to a place better suited for their survival. The group begrudgingly accepted and rode Anx birds to the mountainside. As described, the mountains was a fiercely windy place, reaching gale force levels of ferocity. After nearly killing themselves climbing the rockface, the party was able to snag some of the birds and a couple of nests. Once they brought them back to the citadel, Khardis set about escorting the group to the Cerean capital where they would meet the elders. While Plashy went shopping, Sisko decided to do some evangelizing. With Jakes assistance on the physical performance, Sisko was able to command quite a crown to the point that he even found a cerean representative that would help him establish a holonet sermon on with details to come down the line.
Once at the capital, Khardis in order to file his own paperwork at the main offices, but the rest met with the council of elders. Even though one of the elders was a force user, none of them could confirm if a sith was present on the planet at this time, though the force using elder could confirm that she knew of the dark side being used during the time of the murders happening on the citadel. One of the elders, noticing Plashi’s race, asked her last name. After giving the last name Vebbar, the old man revealed that Plashy’s parents were being held in their cells as a request of asylum since the planet was so far away from most systems. The group quickly went to meet with them and saw that both mother and father were able to be held in the same cell. They were even allowed to shut down the force shield and reunite, even temporarily. After some kind words, Plashy’s father explained that he actually had a piece of the teleportation device and gave it to the group. Both parents also expressed his care for each of them and thought of them as nieces and nephews. He also shared that Talon and IDA-1 should go to Coruscant as quickly as they can to get some answers. After the conversation was over though, the group notice there were no guards around. Once they got to the main office area they saw that all the administrators were dead and Khardis, who had taken off a head cover he had been wearing and showing giant scars on the left side of his head, was force choking the last remaining guard. He revealed himself at last and also revealed that he had been tracking the groups movements since Nar Shadaa. The Wrath of the Emperor was ready to finally rid himself of the group after so many failed attempts.

Assaulting House Rist
And uncovering a mortal enemy...

After surveying the surroundings of the fort, the party realized that there was not enough time to attempt a stealth approach on the compound. Instead they decided that the best course of action would be to approach the gates in full view and pass themselves off at mercenaries.

They approached the compound and confronted two guards on the outside of the gates. They demanded to speak to the guards superiors. Talon eventually resorted to dropping Jacob’s name, as a reference as to why House Rist should hire them. After much bickering the party was aloud to enter. There was a receptionist behind blaster proof glass who took all their names down. They then walked through a force field where they were embedded with tracking chips.

In another holding room, Talon and Sisko began to bar-rate the front desk receptionist, Bob Bilday’re, until he reluctantly went to “Go get his boss”. The party began looking around at the cameras that were watching them when Talon discovered small vents under the benches that looked like they were designed to fill the room with gas. He didn’t have enough time to warn the others before the gas began to pour into the room. Luckily everyone was able to get their breathing masks on, except for Jake.

Sisko quickly began cutting his way through one of the doors as Plashi and Talon blasted out the cameras. Jake and IDA-1 hacked the computer terminal that Bob Bilday’re had been at, attempting to shut off the gas and open the doors. After a few moments, they were able to open the doors and all but IDA-1 moved into the next room where several Rist Agents were waiting. The agents attempted to take cover in a smoke screen, but the party was quick to cut them down. As the last Rist Agent went down, he activated a large detonation charge that was located in the middle of the room. The blast blew a hole into the floor and caused ruble to fall onto IDA-1. After uncovering IDA-1, the party took a moment to have Plashi remove the trackers.

They quickly rushed down stairs, jumping over the large gap that was created when the floor blew, to a small control room. There were four rooms off the main chamber. They began checking each room for the girl they were attempting to save. In the last room, they found her with several Rist Agents and Bob Bilday’re. Sisko quickly positioned himself between the agents and the unconscious girl. After eliminating the other agents, Bob Bilday’re revealed that he was wearing a bomb vest and threatened to detonate it unless they did not let him leave with the girl. Talon and Jake quickly shot the detonator switch to prevent him from being able to trigger the bomb.

Bob Bilday’re quickly adjusted his demands to simply being aloud to leave. If the party would allow him past he would show them the way out. After cautiously walking through them, Bob Bilday’re opened the secret exit. As soon as he opened the door, Talon charged him attempted to kill him. Bob Bilday’re managed to avoid the attack and began to make a run for it. Talon attempted to take a shot at him, but his serpentine style of motion and the structure of the secret tunnel cause Talon to miss wildly.

The party turned their attention back to the unconscious girl who they were there to rescue. They went outside only to find that Bob Bilday’re had damaged their speeder and was now jetting across the Alderaan plains on Jake’s Speeder. Sisko demanded that they return this girl so he could save his mother rather than pursue Bob Bilday’re. Reluctantly the party agreed, but they made not attempts to hide their since of urgency when they met with the Killik. They recovered Sisko’s Mother and dropped both Sisko and her at the Porkin’s home before quickly resuming the hunt for Bob Bilday’re. They tracked the speeder to where it was deserted right outside the local spaceport.

Plashi and Jake went inside the space port to find Bob Bilday’re. IDA-1 and Talon discovered his jacket and the bomb he had been wearing in a trash receptacle outside. They recovered the bomb only moments before hearing a commotion from inside. Plashi and Jake had discovered Bob Bilday’re attempting to board a freighter while wearing a disguise. When they attempted to stop him from leaving he had called for the guards and claimed they were trying to kill him. The spaceport security did not know what to do with them so they were going to take them all into custody. Talon and IDA-1 then entered the spaceport and attempted to thank the guards for apprehending their “Escaped Bounties”. The guards demanded that Talon and IDA-1 go with them until this could be sorted out. Talon agreed and attempted to put the guards at ease, telling them of the crimes that Bob Bilday’re and these other two lowly criminals had taken part in. But when he turned over the bomb vest that they had just recovered, the guards quickly escalated the situation, taking Talon into custody as well.

They members of the party were split into separate rooms where they were interrogated by different officers. Plashi attempted to stick to a story that Bob Bilday’re was attempting to be a dead beat breeder, Jake offered to let the officers be in the “Much anticipated” sequel to “Sithligula”, IDA-1 was being hacked into by a security guard, and Talon was assaulted by a guard with some racial prejudices against Mandalorians. After some of the information given by Jake and Talon appeared to pan out, it looked like they were only slightly out of the woods. Sisko managed to travel to the spaceport were he located Jedi Master Beld. He requested assistance from the Jedi in helping him with his friends who he felt were probably in trouble. Master Beld assisted him on one condition, that Sisko meet him on Coruscant and listen to him about the Jedi path.

After agreeing, the Jedi master entered the security offices and one by one freed the party. Bob Bilday’re had been released some time ago because of his connections within to spaceport security through House Rist. The party was able to recover all their gear, except for the bomb vest and any smaller explosives they had in their possession. Master Beld demanded that they leave the planet immediately, and even had a repair crew expedite the repairs to the Bes’tor so they could leave.

Hobb Nobbing with House Cortez
Killiks, Why'd it have to be Killiks

Upon landing everyone spread out to find their own information regarding the Killiks. Plashi went hob nobbing with the local nobles and found out a great deal about the political infighting that was going on. The planet’s king had died and the many noble houses vied for the throne. Plashi found out a great deal regarding the two houses in the lead for the throne, those being House Ulgo and House Organa. She also found out that there were both Jedi and Sith representatives on the planet both throwing support to a different house that seemingly backed their ideals. In order to get even more info on the Killiks and current doings on the planet, Plashi flirted her way into becoming the date of the Duke of House Cortez at a party his family was throwing that night that would include most of the important people of Alderaan.
During this time, Sisko, Talon, and Ida-1 went to see Sisko’s dad at his casino. Sisko’s father was distraught and was remiss to admit that he and Sisko’s mom tried to cut a deal with the Killiks to have them raid local merchant caravans that the duo would give up and in exchange they would get the first pick of the trade, but the Killiks were offended at this and kidnapped Sisko’s mother. After some aggravated words from Sisko, Papa Porkins professed how proud he was of his son. At that point the group met up together in the center of town to discuss a plan of action.
Though Sisko wished to save his mother right away, Plashi convinced the group to save the raid until morning and to get more info at this party that she had gotten them invited to. They arrived at the party with dress clothes picked out by Plashi and began to live it up with the party. The group managed to advertise their services as mercenaries to the local guard, and found out about the Killiks background and how they claim to be from the planet’s core and were the planet’s first inhabitants. They also found out that they have been trying to find access to diplomatic meetings but most of the noble wished not to involve with those “creatures”. Among Plashi and Sisko both managed to speak to the Jedi Representative, Jedi master Beld and a Dark Lord of the Sith , representative of the Sith empire, who were both arguing loudly over the state of the galaxy. After Sisko interjected with his ideals of letting it be, the sith seemed to get the last laugh on the Jedi. After having a brief conversation with the Jedi master, Sisko then spoke with the Sith Lord’s apprectice Lea who, at first did not care for Sisko, but after a joyride on Jake’s speeder, she seemed to warm up to Sisko and his ideals. The night closed up and after Duke Cortez snubbing Plashi due to her heritage, the group set in for the night and set out in the morning to deal with the Killiks and retrieve Sisko’s mom.
The group took a speeder to the Killik’s hive and noticed a structure amongst the race. They then decided to take the diplomatic route and try to speak to the Killiks. The Killiks, not able to speak basic, figured out that the group was trying to speak to them and commenced a ritual fighting dance. Impressed by the group’s ability to dance, especially Sisko’s, they led them inside into the main antechamber. There Sisko found the surprise of his life as his mother didn’t seem to be in trouble at all, well other than the large black eyes she was now sporting. She explained to the group that when sisko’s parents had went to meet with Killiks, they were offended, but did not take her by force. They had asked for one of them to become a joiner, a non killik who is joined with the hive mind, in order to help with diplomacy with the Alderaanian nobles. Sisko’s father then pushed his wife forward, volunteering her and then ran away. Sisko’s mother, sensing an opportunity to live the high life as a diplomat, though she says it was the kindness of her heart, she accepted the joining ritual, which was irreversible. Sisko did not like this at all and his mother admitted wanted to go home but not wanting to leave the Killiks behind(mainly due to a change in personality now that she was one with the Killiks), so in order to do so either one of the party had to take her place, or they could try to find an Organian diplomat, named Pabel, who had already been joined. Sisko, almost volunteering to be joined, camed to his senses and with the rest of the party agreed to find her. The Killiks had found out that she was kidnapped by House Rist who supported house Ulgo and didn’t want a diplomat of House Organa to find peace with the Killiks and further House Organa’s stature. She was being held in a fort nearby, so the group decided to prepare and raid the fort.

The Great Escape, Mandalore Edition
Pipes, Pipes, Pipes

As our intrepid quintet exited the arena, Dreyfus called Talon in closer. He explained that Talon’s father was not a traitor, and in fact it was his who had made a deal with the R.S.I. to confiscate the teleportation technology, but Raylon Ordo saw this as a betrayal, and threatened to expose Theresa. Instead Theresa used her position as general to frame Raylon and those loyal to him. So Raylon took talon and those still loyal to clan Ordo and escaped. He also explained that when they were attacked on Raxus prime, it was Theresa who led the charge and it was her that murdered her own husband. It was clear that Dreyfus wanted to say more but the crowd was quickly closing in, so he demanded the group run away while he stay behind to distract the troops, but not before giving talon a missing piece of equipment that hooked up to IDA -1 that would help focus the search on the parts to Raylon’s teleportation device. Lastly, he gave Talon his gloves to remember him by as he let the group escape while he distracted the oncoming horde.
Even though the soldiers at the arena were thoroughly distracted, the group had to run through the streets to escape the local authorities. IDA-1 and others attempted to blend in with the crowd that formed during the chaos that Plashi created by yelling “hey there they went, the criminals are over there!”. After a while, though the mandalorian horde was on their tail. After Talon bowled through the crowd to clear a path, they found that the only way to escape was through an underground pipeline/sewer. They trudged through the pipeline with the mandalorians still following behind. Ida-1 shorted out the electrical grid causing more confusion, but it didn’t take long for the soldiers to follow them into the pipe and begin shooting. The Group managed to reach a hatch at, what seemed to be, the end of the large pipe, but before they could exit, one of the Mandalorian soldiers shot out a port hole that immediately started letting in massive amounts of water. The group was able to close the hatch behind them and leave the soldiers to their watery doom, but unfortunately the water pressure was building up on the hatch and the only way to go once on the other side of the hatch was up. Everyone was able to climb or jump their way onto another platform while Plashi was able to open a new hatch and then close it before the water could catch up to them. After a quick survey of the area they found that they were in another long corridor, and if they hoped to survive they had to act quickly as the water was sure to build up against the door and flood the corridor they were currently in. After sprinting to the other end they saw what seemed to be an elevator shaft for a shipment platform, but the platform was underwater with the lever stuck on the bottom. Plashi quickly went into action diving in and pulling on the lever. With the help of Sisko who used the force up top, they were able to get the platform going and everyone jumped on to the quickly ascending platform.
The platform rushed to the top but it didn’t seem like it was going to stop in time for the group to jump off to the top floor landing. Talon tried slowing down their ascent by jamming his bayonet tipped blasted into the rotating gear, the group tried drastic measures to slow themselves down to no avail until at the last minute, they were able to squeeze their way onto the landing, with some help from Talon, before the platform crashed into the ceiling. Finally they had reached the top floor and they opened the sliding door to a site for sore eyes, the Bes’Tor. They boarded their ship and evaded any pursuers , and jumped into hyperspace.
Once, they were far enough away from the planet Mandalore, the group came together to decide where to go next. Talon, shut himself away in his room and for the time being was inconsolable. During this time, Sisko had a vision of danger, seeing visions of his mother being taken by ant like creatures called Killiks. There was no other option, they decided to postpone their trip to Cerea and help Sisko’s family on Alderaan.

Deathstroke and the Mandalorians
The bes'bev plays a sweet sound and slices deep

Deathstroke had to blast his way through the astroids to get to the Bes’tor. To prevent them from making the jump to lightspeed, he launched three small strike craft. Jake and Talon jumped on the guns and began fighting off the strike craft. IDA-1 tried desperately to keep the targeting sensors locked as Sisko threw the ship into a series of barrel rolls and flips in an attempt to avoid fire. Plashi struggled to keep the shields functioning as the ship the three fighters blasted the ship. The last of the fighters was destroyed as Sisko completed the final calculations for hyperspace. They made the jump to hyperspace just as Deathstroke broke through the asteroid field.

The battle had left them badly damage. They now had a decision to make, continue all the way to Cerea with their current damage or try to take safe refuge on Mandalore and get repairs. Upon landing on Mandalore however, the party was surrounded by enraged mandalorians who took them into custody.

After much complaining, finally the party met with Theresa Ordo, who had a bombshell to drop. She told Talon that his father, Raylon, was a traitor to Mandalore and had refused the call to battle, the mistaken identity of Talon was the reason of their imprisonment. She did however assured Talon and the others that they would soon be set free, as she was going to use her high ranking position to clear this mistake up. After a while the guards were no longer patrolling the corridor outside the holding cell. After several hours of no one coming to check on them, the party began to get suspicious and attempted to get free from the cell. They were able to get out in a short while. As soon as they left the cell though they were once again surrounded by angry mobs of mandalorians. They took them to a separate holding cell under a large Colosseum.

After being stuck in this pin for a while two large doors opened out to the arena. Across the arena where several mandalorians with Strill on chains. In the middle of the arena was a large spinning blade that was not quite high enough for a normal height person to fit under without laying prone. Above them in the crowd a voice came over the loud speaker. It was Theresa Ordo. She made bold accusations that Mandalore had let them escape and that she had recaptured them, she demanded that he be over thrown and that she become the new Mandalore. As for the prisoners, they would fight for their right to live, along side the other traitors from their clan, Drayfus Aruetyc.

Talon was quick to the fight, taking a dive under the blades and opening fire on the hounds and their handlers. They had been trained to fight in this arena though and the advantage was theirs. The dogs quickly dodged the shots and rushed under the blades, ripping into Talon with their vile maws. The handlers where also shorter than normal mandalorians, they were able to assume a bizarre crouched stance and dodge the spinning blade. IDA-1 and Plashi began shooting at the handlers which were obviously focused on the dishonored mandalorian. Realizing the error of his assault, Talon tried throwing a small grenade as he tried to break away from the hounds, but that crouched position kept them light on their feet and they quickly evaded the explosion. Sisko rushed in to draw some attention off Talon who was badly wounded as Plashi dashed forward and pretended to faint so she could apply a medpack without drawing too much attention. With a final flash of blaster fire, they were able to bring down the last of the handlers and hounds.

But there would be no rest this day.

A large door opened at the far end of the arena and a bull Rancor charged forward. Drayfus yelled at everyone to get back just as the Rancor broke the spinning blade and began to charge at the party. Drayfus managed to draw its attention and caused it to crash into the far wall breaking an opening in the wall for them to escape. There would be no honor or retribution this day.

Escape from Korriban
Bidding 'Farewell' to this surprisingly pleasant planet of Sith

The Sith let loose her three Tuk’ata Hounds on the party. Talon took out the first hound and the others could see the dark power of the force leave the dead hounds body only to be absorbed by the other two. Jake and IDA-1 quickly wasted the remaining two hounds. Sisko weaved his way into the statues of sith warriors and began attempting to climb his way up the side of the stair case. Enraged by the death of her hounds, the sith swept into battle with what appeared to be complete nonchalance but she moved with unnatural speed when she struck the party. She turned and struck Plashi and Talon saw an opening to strike a killing blow. Her lightsaber flashed up into the exact spot the blaster bolt was about to strike and shot the bolt strait back at Talon staggering him slightly. Plashi began to back up frantically attempting to hit the sith with a poisoned needle.

They finally managed to bring down the enraged sith and approached the alter of Ludo Kressh. Jake managed to nimbly climb his way up Ludo Kressh’s statue and remove a Sith Blade. Sisko inspected the casing that protected the holocron, he could see writing on the casing but could not read it. Jake was able to decode the message and read “With Light I am revealed, With Dark I am released”. Sisko zapped the casing with force lightning and one side opened slightly, but this would take much more power to open. IDA-1 began checking the light sources in the room to find out if there was any correlation that could allow her to open the casing. Jake managed to smash open a sarcophagus and discovered a metal rod. He placed it into what they previously thought was a decorative marking. With one more good zap of lightning he was able to open the case.

Talon found a chunk of rock to replace the Holocron with and IDA-1 welded the casing shut. The party then stripped everything from the sith and hid her body with those of the dead hounds in the sarcophagi. The headed back through into the temple to where they had seen a trap door. The quickly realized that if they took the pathway to the left, it should lead them out to another possible exit. They dropped down and headed back towards the academy. The party quickly realized that they were being followed by the apprentices who had not made it to the temple. Obviously some of them thought they could just kill them and take the prize. Sisko breaking into a run quickly gave away the fact that they did have the holocron. The rest of the party rushed ahead of the horde of sith following them. They rushed back to Darth Nox and immediately handed over the holocron.

Upon meeting with Darth Nox he quickly began to interrogate the party about the HK model droid found aboard their ship. The droid refused to answer any of Darth Nox’s questions so he had the party perform the interrogation of the droid. They uncovered the sith that was behind the creation of the droid, Darth Khardis, “The Wrath of the Emperor”. This high level sith was apparently taking actions that could possibly undermine the entire empire. Darth Khardis was working with the RSI, a group that seemed to operate outside the wishes of both the republic and the empire and were obviously working towards their own secretive goals. Darth Nox tasked the party with killing this sith, and as a reward offered them an entire Imperial Battle Cruiser. The last known location of Darth Khardis was on the distant planet Cerea.

After agreeing to the terms of Darth Nox, the party quickly left Korriban and scoured the ship for tracking and listening devices. They destroyed all they found. At that point Talon and IDA revealed to the other that they had received a message from Raylon Ordo who had told them that the answers they were looking for could be found on Cerea and Mandalore. Before they could make any decisions of where to go, Deathstroke appeared just beyond the ring of asteroids…

The Tomb of Ludo Kressh
Beware the rolling boulders

The party had no time to waste. They rushed out into the hot Korriban day to beat the other apprentices to tomb of Ludo Kressh. Plashi managed to trick many of the apprentices into heading the wrong direction while the others secured the elevator platform that was the quickest path to the tomb. By the time the other apprentices realized their mistake, IDA-1 had spliced the elevator control trapping the other apprentices at the bottom. They quickly ran across the plateau towards the far the elevator that would take them directly to the tomb. Sisko managed to redirect some speeders that were blocking their path and they got to the far elevator just in time to see the pale apprentice entering the tomb. Natasha fired a blast at the top of the entry way collapsing it, possibly on the apprentice.

They had now reached the tomb of the sith lord, but with the main entrance collapsed they would have to search for another way to enter the tomb. They decided that it would be best to stick together as they looked. They finally found several caves that seemed to be created by some sort of animal. The powers of the dark side were obviously strong here as the party began to squabble about which entrance they should use. Each member of the group thought it would be best to go in separate paths. As they began to argue, IDA-1 decided that she was just going to go in. Talon changed his path to follow her, but Sisko refused so he and Plashi entered a separate path while Jake guarded the outside. Inside it was dark and moist, the perfect home for the deadly K’lor Slug. Realizing that this may have been a bad decision to split up, they each tried to sneak past the beasts. The K’lor slugs were quick to hear the party trying to sneak past and soon they were cornered into some narrow pathways, surrounded by slugs. Jake rushing in as soon as he heard blaster fire. Plashi ordered Natasha to step back to the main entrance to fire shots that would distract the blind creatures. Natasha unfortunately came under attack as the rest of the party snuck past and was destroyed. The entire group made it to safety except for Plashi. As the K’lor slugs began to surround her, Talon returned to draw attention so she could make a run to safety.

Once through the door to the tomb, Jake revealed that he had learned the ancient sith language for his role as an up and coming actor form the made for Holonet film ‘Sithligula’. He was able to translate the inscriptions that warned him of traps in the hallway ahead. He tumbled into the room and quickly destroyed the trap with a blaster bolt. As the party spread out, they disturbed a pack of Tuk’ata Hounds. Talon and Jake bottle-necked the beasts into a single doorway and were able to quickly shoot them down. They continued down the hall and found what appeared to be a separate pathway leading towards the front of the tomb, the decided to continue exploring and come back through this direction later. The group entered a large room with two large statues of Tukata with sith swords in their mouths. Talon attempted to pull one out to keep as a trophy but a dark energy coursed through him and weakened him. He gave up on the trophy for now. They continued into another chamber were they saw several large sarcophagi. Standing beside them was a female sith dressed in all black. Behind her was their goal, the Holocron of Ludo Kressh. Sisko attempted to act as tough and sith-like as he could possibly be, and she ignited her light saber.

It appeared that if they wanted the holocron, they would have to fight for it…

The Apprentice: Sith Edition
Class is now in session

After exiting the Dark Tower, the party was confronted with a massive Terentatek. The beast has laid waist to the gunslingers and tossed Roland aside as it had new pray. Talon and Jake attempted to draw its attention but it took in a deep breath and went into a rage. It’s focus was Sisko. It ignored all fire as it pinned Sisko to a rock face cutting off his retreat and smashing him down. It began trying to feed on the force inside Sisko, and as it did, it’s wounds began to close. Plashi was able to make her way over to Jake Chambers and stop the bleeding from his severed limb, but this was little more than a field dressing. The monstrous beast turned its attention to Talon. It chased him deep into the rose bushes surrounding the tower, smashing its way through the thick brush seaming to not care about the barbed vines. It managed to get in a few swiped before being brought down. Unfortunately there was no time to rest.

Over the hill came an entire squad of sith acolytes. They quickly picked up Jake Chambers and Sisko and strapped them down to stretchers. Plashi stepped in the way asking one of the offices what they thought they were doing. The officer replied that he didn’t have time to explain if she wanted to save her friends. Talon and Plashy rushed over to Roland to help him up so they could heal him as well, but his wounds were too sever. He wanted to know how his Ka’tet was, he wanted to know if Jake lived. Talon tried his best to tell this man that his friend…his family were dead. He assured Roland that Jake lived and that he was going to get treated, luckily Plashi stepped in to help tell him that Eddie and Susannah were dead. Within second, Roland had passed. The group pilled into the transports. There was no time to morn, no time to even bury the dead. If they wanted to save Sisko and Jake Chambers, they would have to leave the gunslingers there in the shadow of the Dark Tower.

The ride to the Sith Academy was long, and several of the party attempted to make idle conversation to with the Sith on the transports. Talon and several sith began to have an argument about Sith principles and about the lightsabers that hung as a trophy from his belt. After a snide jab that the sith he killed were not worthy opponents because they got themselves killed, one of the sith tried to push him from the transport. He managed to hang on, but IDA-1 zapped the argumentative sith. The sound of lightsabers igniting filled the transport, but the Sith Instructor stepped in and told them to stop. He instructed Talon to keep his droid under control.

After arriving at the academy, they were told they would be meeting with Darth Nox. Sisko and Jake were taken to the infirmary, where Jake was rushed into surgery. Sisko soon awoke to find the aura of the Darkside a little overpowering. Despite their reputation, the sith were quite hospitable to him. He quickly got dressed and met up with IDA-1 and Talon in the academy’s archives. They caught him up to speed about the meeting with Darth Knox just moments before they had to go up to the Dark Council Chambers and meet with him.

In the meeting Darth Nox, asked what they were doing on Korriban. Talon was quick to reply that bad astrogate information had caused their ship to crash, and that they were looking in the wreckage of the Kaminoan ship to find parts to repair their ship. Darth Knox informed him that everything that had been looted from that ship where still unused by the academy and that he could ‘requisition’ them as payment for services, if the party would do something for him. He wanted Sisko to pretend to be his apprentice to take part in some hunt for a Datacron. The party would be masquerading as his minions controlled by his force mind control. They agreed to this task and began their charade.

The trials of the Sith began with a wookie and a Sith Officer walking through the ranks of the students asking questions. Those who answered wrong were either cut down immediately or beaten severely. Sisko unfortunately failed his attempt to cheat, but luckily the official had been coerced or paid off by Darth Knox. He quickly rushed Sisko and the others off to a separate room. There they took part in a separate trial. They all connected to a holocron and they began to share a vision with the holocron. Smoke began to form into the shape of Massassii warriors. The warriors approached the group speaking in a tongue which none of them could understand. They began to get enrage when no one could understand them, but Sisko pushed out with the force to display his power and they began to back up and finally the vision faded.

Soon they were sharing a second vision. They were aboard a ship and the crew quickly reported that they were surrounded and that the only way to make it out alive was to attack their own fleet. Talon assessed the situation and gave the order to fire. As the vision continued, they began to come under fire from both armies, IDA-1 moved quickly to lock down the airlocks to protect the bridge, but killed hundreds of the crew in the process. Plashi attempted to save some of the wounded crew, neglecting those she felt were her friends and focusing on those that were more valuable to the ship. Sisko gave up his escape pod to a fellow crew member deciding to go down with the ship. As the crewman rushed towards the pod, Talon surveyed the battlefield and turned the ship pushing the controls to full throttle heading right for the main enemy battle cruiser. If they were going down, they were not going to go out alone.

The vision came to an end and they were broken away from the holocron with some slight lingering wounds. They took a second and got their bearings. The other students had already begun the trials. They would have to rush to catch up with them…


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