Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Tonights Match is Sponsored by Don Eshka Ale

Thank you for joining us tonight on the Lower Sector Sports Center. Tonight’s Minor League Hutt ball match was one you didn’t want to miss. Borvo’s Frog Dogs Won the match 2 to 1 by complete elimination…Here are the highlights of the game.

The Frog Dog’s made a mad dash for the ball and got there before any of the Rot Worms. The Rot Worms were quick to shoot the ball handler but NO ONE excepted the Frog Dog’s Jedi was a Sith in disguise. He lit up the Rot Worm’s Sith with a powerful blast of lightning and the crown went WILD. The match really started to heat up as the two sith battled it out with the force. The Frog Dog’s Droid appeared to be broken as it just sat at the starting line the whole match. The Rot Worm’s managed to strip the ball from the Frog Dogs and the Rot Worms Sith was quick to pick it up. Unfortunately for him, the Frog Dogs Sith was not done with him. He jumped down and took him out, passed the ball back up to his team mate and the two of them finished off the Rot Worms heavy gunner before scoring a point and ending the first period.

At the start of the second period it looked like it was going to be a repeat performance for the Frog Dogs but the remaining Rot Worms were out for blood. They focused their attacks on the Frog Dog player that scored the last point and let the Sith run all the way up to the goal. It looked like the Frog Dogs might lose a player and give the Rot Worms an edge, but just then their droid activated and shot into the fight. One quick shot and that little droid blew a hole clean through the Rot Worm Medic’s head. If I didn’t know better, I would say that droid had assassination subroutines. The Frog Dog sith managed to finally load the ball into the launcher but didn’t seem to realize he was lining up the target on the wrong goal. He may have been the first player in the history of the minors to make a full court shot, unfortunately it was against their own goal. Due to the Nar Shaddaa ruling c25.415 that is technically a point for the Rot Worms and it ends the period with a tie, giving the that wounded Frog Dog enough time to get patched up. I will say, that he looked to be lucky when that buzzer rung.

The third period started and it looked like the Rot Worms were in trouble. They were down to just one player and he seemed to be letting the Frog Dogs grab the ball. The crowd went wild when they realized he was enacting the “last stand ruling” by destroying all ball launchers accept for the center one. This limited the Frog Dogs options and they would have to come to him if they wanted to score any points. He seemed desperate to take out any of the Frog Dogs. Sporadically changing targets to who ever looked the weakest, starting with the Mon Calamari. But the Frog Dogs would have none of it. They managed to get get the hutt ball to their droid who launched it into the goal only moments after the Sith cut down the last of the Rot Worms.

I just have to say…that was one of the most exhilarating minor league games I have seen in a while. If it hadn’t been for that score on their own goal Borvo’s Frog Dogs might have had a perfect game.

This place is the Pits
I guess that's what we get for dropping in unannounced.

After kicking in the door on Jooma, Zalban, and the Mercenary, a massive fight broke out. Talon and Zalban went head to head in a furious fight that left both wounded and struggling to hit each other. Sisko stepped in to finish the off the wounded wookie before he could take out Talon. The twi’lek mercenary, attempting to make quick work of her foes, began lobbing grenades and shooting missiles. Jooma, meanwhile slithered into a back room and attempted to open pit traps beneath the groups feet. She continually failed to target any of the party, until finally she realized that Plashy was with them. She increased the rooms gravity and opened the floor panel directly below Plashy who tumbled down into the pit. Jooma begged for her life making promises of money and information, but IDA-1 and Talon would hear non of it. Sisko grabbed some liquid cable from Talon and rappelled down the pit to rescue Plashy while Talon and IDA-1 put a quick end to Jooma. After collecting a few trophies, the party rested for a moment only to be caught off guard by Deathstroke. He quickly grappled the disk and fled the scene. With no more time to rest, the group rushed after him and followed him to the docks. There they witnessed him kill a civilian and steal their car. They shoved a man who was climbing into a taxi out of the way and sped after Deathstroke. It was difficult to follow the trained killer who quickly spotted them. He dived to escape them and Sisko leaped from the vehicle falling through the air to catch up.

He managed to catch the bumper of the stolen car just before Deathstroke pulled up. IDA-1 rammed the taxi into the stolen car and Talon Jumped across to the hood of Deadshot’s vehicle. Getting his footing secure he raised his gun and ordered Deathstroke to surrender. Deathstroke, however had different plans. He destroyed the console and rocketed out of the car, at the same time the taxi driver dove out of the taxi leaving IDA-1 and Plashy spinning out of control. The two vehicles were going down fast when the Ithorian team from the The Kilik Slug Classic pulled them from the vehicle momentes before it crashed into a large dome, crashing into a Huttball arena killing entire team of Borvo the Hutt. Enraged, Borvo healed up the party for the sole purpose of putting them into the Huttball arena as his team.
If they were good, he would win money…if they weren’t, they would die and he would have his revenge.

Death Race
Who wants to be first, when you can be Second?

The sectors of Nar Shaddaa had been closed down due to a massive turf war. This meant that the group could not get into the Duros Sector to get back at Jooma, but it also meant that Jooma wouldn’t be able to escape if they made their way in. After being summoned to a meeting with Jacob, they were heavily scanned by an overprotective Arcona. Jacob was certain that he had a leak in his organization, and was not only going to root it out, but was going to send a message to all gangs in the area that Jacob Bandon was NOT to be crossed. He had used every connection he had to keep a massive speeder race which the local crime lords held annually, The Kilik Slug Classic, open during this time of almost full blown war. He had also taken the liberty of entering the party into the dangerous race, which was named for the ferocity of the racers and the course itself.

Jacob had a request for the honor of being entered into the race, firstly…they had to win. But more importantly, NOT take first place. The goal was to gain entry to the winners gala in the Duros sector after winning, but not be the main focus of attention, so they could plant and detonate a device which would gain them access to Jooma’s lair and simultaneously destroy one of her money laundering casinos, the Shatner’s Nebula.

They had two days to prepare for the race, learning about the other racers, even attempting to sabotage one of the other drivers. They took their position at the starting line and scoped out the remaining competition. Talon even insulted Zalban the Wookie, creating an instant rivalry. The race began and the group was focused on the task at hand. Talon fought back with Zalban, to prevent him from crossing the finish line in any sort of lead. Sisko used his superior driving skills to not only keep the car in second place, but to push the Ithorians, the underdogs of the race, into the first place spot. This was such an unexpected maneuver, that many people had not even bet on the Ithorians. Talon quickly got Plashi on the comlink and told her to put a large sum of credits on the Ithorians, a tip which she shared with Jacob who threw down 1 million credits on the bet. Talon had complete confidence in Sisko’s driving and knew the bet would pay off. Which it did, at a ratio of eight to one.

The Ithorians took first place, Sisko drove across the line second, and the love of his life, Lightning, crossed third greatly upset with Sisko. It appeared the party had not made many friends this day, but they greatly empowered the few remaining friends they had. At the winners gala, Sisko had asked for and received the second place prize of credits, at great cost to himself. He planned to give this to the owners of the Shatner’s Nebula so they would not be left completely destitute after the device they received from Jacob was detonated. The owners surprisingly turned out to be his parents. While distracting the crowd so Talon could slip in and detonate the device, Sisko managed to further insult Lightning, and now made a full fledged enemy out of the girl he had fallen for.

Moments before Talon detonated the device to get into Jooma’s private sanctuary, Sisko pulled his parents aside to give them the money he had received from the race winnings. With a somber apology, he handed over the 2000 credits, to which his father graciously replied “Great, we can reinvest this into our casinos on Alderaan.” A sudden shock set in Sisko as the realization came over him that they would be fine and all his concern for them was meaningless. He gave Talon the com that he had been waiting for, “Burn this Mother F*#(er down”, to which Talon did not hesitate.

Quickly changing out of their party attire in the back room while the guests outside were distracted but machines spitting out jackpots, the group slipped into the air vents and made their way down into the lair of Jooma the Hutt. The search the store room they first entered for their missing teleportation disk, but it was nowhere to be found, then they heard voices. Jooma, and someone else on the other side of the door. Then the word that sent Talon into a rage, “the Disk”. Not even waiting for his fellow companions to ready themselves, Talon kicked the door in to see Jooma, Zalban the wookie and a twi’lek…the slave girl they had let out of the box, now dawned in full armor, and holding his disk.

A space odyssey

The party was desperately looking for work, and found two jobs. Holding onto a case for a Duros seemed easy enough. They would protect the case for at least one week…but their curiosity got the better of them. They began to hear noises come from inside the case. At the same time their local patron, Jacob Bandon informed them of a freighter that had crashed into a space station on the other side of the moon. After six hours everything aboard the ship would become up for grabs as salvage…if only they had a device that could get them there a head of everyone else. Sisko, demanded that the case be opened as he became aware that their was someone in distress on the inside. Inside they found a Twi’lek who had been sold into slavery, and an overzealous Sisko insisted she now be free. Talon advised Sisko that if he did not pay for her release, that he would be no part of the theft of this slave. Realizing that they could not do anything about her freedom at this moment, the group decided to use their teleporter to jump to the freighter which had crashed and work on saving the slave when they got back.

Once aboard the damaged ship, the group found themselves face to face with a pack of Rakghouls, nasty beasts from the deep reaches of space. They manage to beat down all but one beast before IDA-1 deactivated the security force fields and sucked the last remaining rakghoul out into space. As Plashy mended Sisko’s wounds, Talon reconned further into the ship. He left two rooms which sounded occupied and headed further until he came across the cockpit. After cutting into the room, the group found two Ortolans who were near death. After reviving the pair they discovered that their cargo of Tauntauns and a Nexu had escaped their enclosures. To be on the safe side, they vented the air from the two rooms until the creatures were rendered unconscious, then safely tranquilized them and returned them to their pins.

Proud of their haul and the fact that they had saved the pair of ortilans, the group arranged for a tow shuttle and waited. Unfortunately, before their tow arrived, the sith apprentice who had been seen before with Jacob arrived on a shuttle. He was going to claim the shuttle for his “true employer” and kill the party for his own personal enjoyment. He was unprepared for the parties response when he attacked. They beat him into submission and returned home to Jacob with their prize. After collecting their share, they gave Jacob the dead sith’s shuttle to sell for more profit as long as they got a finders fee.

They all went back to their hotel to get some rest only to find the door blasted in, their teleporter stolen, the slave girl taken, and a note from Jooma which read “Revenge is Sweet-love Jooma”

A Medical Emergency
See a droid hacking, and a smoking Mon Calamari

The plot thickens as Plashi approaches Talon with a new offer.
She would like to steal the kolto and replace it with a fake. After a few negotiations and seeing as Jooma is obviously going to be using the kolto to advance her own criminal efforts, Talon agrees and soon gets Sisko on board with the plan. IDA-1 is exstatic to meet Talon, who she originally mistakes as his father. The pair are reacquainted after a long time being apart.

After a night of rest in the “accommodations” provided by Jooma, the group began the arduous task of stealing the shipment of kolto.

IDA-1 quickly hacks her way into the warehouse where the kolto was stored, and the group rushed into the warehouse. They took out a few droids, and proceeded directly to the turbolift. Upon the lower level, Plashi almost managed to talk their way to the kolto with out a single drop of blood, but a supervisor of the warehouse hit the alarm. Gas began to pour in and choke the party, but Sisko and Talon kept their composure to protect the group and Plashi and IDA-1 rushed to the controls to turn off the gas. The warehouse workers quickly began to realize that they were in over their heads as they recognized they were up against two of the fiercest warriors in the galaxy.

After clearing the building, the party realized that they needed to quickly fix the sabotaged control panel before make their getaway with the kolto. Sisko jumped behind the controls and piloted the craft through the traffic filled streets and escaped their pursuers.

Plashi got in touch with her contact and after some nervous negotiations, the kolto was swapped and the fake kolto was given to Jooma. Now with the bomb inside IDA-1 disabled, the group activated the hidden data stored in her memory banks, only to find that Plashi’s father, Sisko’s Jedi master, and Talon’s father were all working together to create and protect a new technology…the ability to teleport across vast distances in an instant.

Now the four of them had been entrusted with finding this technology which had been spread across the galaxy and protect if from a mysterious group known only as “RSI”.

Long, long ago...In a galaxy far, far away
One small step for a Mandalorian, one giant leap for a Jedi

Two strangers, a young Jedi in training, and a lone Mandalorian separated from his clan, find themselves on the dangerous and murky streets of Nar Shaddaa, overwhelmed by the bright lights and hodgepodge of different cultures on the planet.

Though from different worlds, and different lives, their goals suddenly merged at a droid sellers warehouse in the Nikto sector. Both men were looking for an outdated droid who was currently in the possession of a Hutt gangster named Jooma.

The pair decided that this must have been more that just happenstance, so they decided to join forces to gain an audience with Jooma the Hutt. They made their way to a small casino and bar in the sector called the Shatner Nebula, where Sisko chose to wait outside and Talon went inside to gather some information about Jooma. While Talon was away forcing information out of the Shatner Nebula’s owner, Sisko was approached by a Mon Calamari and her entourage of gun toting Trandoshans and a Wookie. After a relatively brief conversation, Plashi had convinced Sisko to come with her to meet Jooma and after some aggressive discussions inside the Shatner Nebula, Talon was ‘persuaded’ to come as well.

Upon meeting with Jooma, Sisko and Talon began to negotiate with her to speak with the droid, but no Hutt would give up anything, not even a conversation, for free. She demanded that the pair help her acquire a shipment of kolto, an expensive medical chemical. Though Sisko quickly agreed to the terms, Talon demanded more for the difficult task. If he was going to undertake this task, he wanted the droid as his own. Reluctantly, Jooma agreed to all terms, with a few conditions. The droid in question and Plashi would accompany the pair on their mission, but there was another hitch, IDA-1 had been equipped with a bomb, to which Jooma held the detonator.


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