Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Investigation on Cerea

Bounties, Birds, and Belanche

After leaving Alderaan, the group decided to finally catch up with Darth Khardis on the planet Cerea. Upon entering the atmosphere, they were prompted to dock at the local Outsider Citadel, one of many structures meant to house aliens looking to live or work on the planet as the residents of Cerea are very xenophobic. Once landed the group split up, trying to find evidence that Darth Khardis was here. The group also inquired about obtaining bounty hunter licences through the local bounty hunters guild. Finding information on both fronts, they first went to an abandoned building where secret high-profile bounties were auctioned to the highest bidder and where new hunters can get registered. After Registering their information, and some discussion on IDA-1 autonomy, Talon and Plashi both registered as Bounty Hunters. Even Jake was able to flirt(and sleep) his way into getting a license from the ever colorful Belanche the Cerean. After some quick tips on how to obtain bounties, the crew of the Bes’Tor followed up their second lead, as they had found out that the head of Cerean-Outsider relations and mayor of the citadel was named Khardis Jakelis. They made their way to city hall and met with this mayor who seemed to be a normal cerean who couldn’t give any insight as who the this sith might be. The group didn’t trust the Cerean to the point of offense, but the mayor did give them an option. The people on this side of the planet who might know if there was a sith on the planet would be the governing group of elders in charge of the Cerean government but they are xenophobic and do not take visits from outsiders, unless they were to achieve a feat of greatness that would help the cerean people in some kind of act of selflessness. The mayor then told the group of this species of bird that is important to the planet , but is also dying out because of the rocky and windy habitat they live in. If they were to bring some of the birds and their eggs back to the citadel, the government could relocate them to a place better suited for their survival. The group begrudgingly accepted and rode Anx birds to the mountainside. As described, the mountains was a fiercely windy place, reaching gale force levels of ferocity. After nearly killing themselves climbing the rockface, the party was able to snag some of the birds and a couple of nests. Once they brought them back to the citadel, Khardis set about escorting the group to the Cerean capital where they would meet the elders. While Plashy went shopping, Sisko decided to do some evangelizing. With Jakes assistance on the physical performance, Sisko was able to command quite a crown to the point that he even found a cerean representative that would help him establish a holonet sermon on with details to come down the line.
Once at the capital, Khardis in order to file his own paperwork at the main offices, but the rest met with the council of elders. Even though one of the elders was a force user, none of them could confirm if a sith was present on the planet at this time, though the force using elder could confirm that she knew of the dark side being used during the time of the murders happening on the citadel. One of the elders, noticing Plashi’s race, asked her last name. After giving the last name Vebbar, the old man revealed that Plashy’s parents were being held in their cells as a request of asylum since the planet was so far away from most systems. The group quickly went to meet with them and saw that both mother and father were able to be held in the same cell. They were even allowed to shut down the force shield and reunite, even temporarily. After some kind words, Plashy’s father explained that he actually had a piece of the teleportation device and gave it to the group. Both parents also expressed his care for each of them and thought of them as nieces and nephews. He also shared that Talon and IDA-1 should go to Coruscant as quickly as they can to get some answers. After the conversation was over though, the group notice there were no guards around. Once they got to the main office area they saw that all the administrators were dead and Khardis, who had taken off a head cover he had been wearing and showing giant scars on the left side of his head, was force choking the last remaining guard. He revealed himself at last and also revealed that he had been tracking the groups movements since Nar Shadaa. The Wrath of the Emperor was ready to finally rid himself of the group after so many failed attempts.


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