Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

The Dark Tower

Kamino is know for their Saber Darts and their lies.

Ahead of the party was a long walk to the Dark Tower. They set out across the desert with the Gunslingers as their guides. In the middle of the first night Jake rode off ahead with much of the groups supplies. When they awoke, suspicions were turned on Sisko, though he denied all accusations. That second night the group sat down with the gunslingers, who invited them to take part in a tradition that was very sacred to their culture, the taking of a new Dhin. As they sat around the fire, the gunslingers one by one accepted Roland as their Dhin. He then turned to Plashi and told her that she must now do the same to become the Dhin of her “ka’tet”. The whole party shied back from this and told Roland that off world, many people decide to be considered equals in the decision making. This was a very alien idea for Roland, so the group all took each other as their Dhin. After a very awkward and highly unorthodox ceremony, everyone had shared a few drinks from the remaining supplies that were left.

In the morning, Talon was up before the other tearing down camp, even before putting on any more than his helmet, so that they might get underway before the heat became too great. Once the others awoke they quickly got underway. The tower was not much farther, or so they thought. As the day went on, the heat soared, and Sisko and Plashi began to succumb to the heat. IDA-1 became so overheated that she was forced to shut down, and Talon carried her the rest of the way to the tower.

Once they reached the tower, Talon and IDA-1 realized that it was the other half of the crashed Kamino ship. Before they were able to enter, they were attacked by a group of Sith acolytes. The gunslingers were separated from the party as the battle began. The party managed to fight back the Sith in time to look up and see the gunslingers destroying the Sith that attacked them.

After a short rest the party entered the tower while the gunslingers, reverently, stood watch outside the tower. Shortly after entering, they began that arduous climb to the top. A floating disk came down and scanned the party and muttered something in Kaminoan. As they continued to climb the disk would return and show scenes personal to all the members of the party.

Sisko -Sisko’s was a scene of death and destruction as the image of Deathstroke the Terminator was seen killing Master Oblix Rander with the first person view of Sisko barely catching up in time to save his master

Plashy -Plashy’s scene was also a scene showing the death of a loved one at the hands of Deathstroke as the bounty hunter is shown aboard the ship of Plashy’s brother Rune, taking a piece of Raylon Ordo’s device from Rune and then killing him afterward.

Talon -Talon’s scene showed the assault of the Jedi Temple on cosuscant as the Sith crashed their way into headquarters of their ancient enemy . The scene focused in on the Sith Empire’s general, Darth Malgus who was mowing down Jedi with the assistance of Talon’s mother, Theresa, who showed later to be betraying her honor by accepting money for unrevealed sell out of her people.

Ida –Ida’s scene showed Raylon giving Ida to Jooma the Hutt, saying mean things about the droid and being glad to be rid of it.

Jake -Lastly, scene was seemingly of him as a boy in a line of slaves, with his mother, getting ready to be sold to the highest bidder, when it comes to his mother’s turn, she is quickly sold off and a sad and touching scene show’s Jake forcibly being separated from his mom.

After seeing these flashbacks, some weighed heavy on the minds of the party, but they pushed on. The made their way to the bridge which was completely on its side. Jake went to work gathering parts for the Bes’tor. Talon gathered astrogate charts to find out where they were. IDA-1 checked the ships last logs to find out that it was on route to Raxus Prime to meet with Raylon Ordo. The whole party then climbed to the top of the ship to look out the windows to see out across the planet. There the could see clearly, the Sith Academy.

They were on Korriban, birthplace of the Sith Empire.

They took a second to quickly look for the piece of the Teleportation device, but this ship had already been striped bare. They rushed down the ship to get out of the tower. As they approached the bottom, they could hear gunfire. As they burst through the doors, there around them lay the gunslingers. Susannah and Eddie lie dead. Jake Chambers has had one of his arms ripped off and he lays a short distance away writhing in pain. A massive Terentatek has approached and laid waste to the gunslingers. As the party’s gaze falls up on it, Roland was in the mouth of the beast firing as fast as he could…


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