Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

The Tomb of Ludo Kressh

Beware the rolling boulders

The party had no time to waste. They rushed out into the hot Korriban day to beat the other apprentices to tomb of Ludo Kressh. Plashi managed to trick many of the apprentices into heading the wrong direction while the others secured the elevator platform that was the quickest path to the tomb. By the time the other apprentices realized their mistake, IDA-1 had spliced the elevator control trapping the other apprentices at the bottom. They quickly ran across the plateau towards the far the elevator that would take them directly to the tomb. Sisko managed to redirect some speeders that were blocking their path and they got to the far elevator just in time to see the pale apprentice entering the tomb. Natasha fired a blast at the top of the entry way collapsing it, possibly on the apprentice.

They had now reached the tomb of the sith lord, but with the main entrance collapsed they would have to search for another way to enter the tomb. They decided that it would be best to stick together as they looked. They finally found several caves that seemed to be created by some sort of animal. The powers of the dark side were obviously strong here as the party began to squabble about which entrance they should use. Each member of the group thought it would be best to go in separate paths. As they began to argue, IDA-1 decided that she was just going to go in. Talon changed his path to follow her, but Sisko refused so he and Plashi entered a separate path while Jake guarded the outside. Inside it was dark and moist, the perfect home for the deadly K’lor Slug. Realizing that this may have been a bad decision to split up, they each tried to sneak past the beasts. The K’lor slugs were quick to hear the party trying to sneak past and soon they were cornered into some narrow pathways, surrounded by slugs. Jake rushing in as soon as he heard blaster fire. Plashi ordered Natasha to step back to the main entrance to fire shots that would distract the blind creatures. Natasha unfortunately came under attack as the rest of the party snuck past and was destroyed. The entire group made it to safety except for Plashi. As the K’lor slugs began to surround her, Talon returned to draw attention so she could make a run to safety.

Once through the door to the tomb, Jake revealed that he had learned the ancient sith language for his role as an up and coming actor form the made for Holonet film ‘Sithligula’. He was able to translate the inscriptions that warned him of traps in the hallway ahead. He tumbled into the room and quickly destroyed the trap with a blaster bolt. As the party spread out, they disturbed a pack of Tuk’ata Hounds. Talon and Jake bottle-necked the beasts into a single doorway and were able to quickly shoot them down. They continued down the hall and found what appeared to be a separate pathway leading towards the front of the tomb, the decided to continue exploring and come back through this direction later. The group entered a large room with two large statues of Tukata with sith swords in their mouths. Talon attempted to pull one out to keep as a trophy but a dark energy coursed through him and weakened him. He gave up on the trophy for now. They continued into another chamber were they saw several large sarcophagi. Standing beside them was a female sith dressed in all black. Behind her was their goal, the Holocron of Ludo Kressh. Sisko attempted to act as tough and sith-like as he could possibly be, and she ignited her light saber.

It appeared that if they wanted the holocron, they would have to fight for it…


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