Star Wars: Shades of Good and Evil

Escape from Korriban

Bidding 'Farewell' to this surprisingly pleasant planet of Sith

The Sith let loose her three Tuk’ata Hounds on the party. Talon took out the first hound and the others could see the dark power of the force leave the dead hounds body only to be absorbed by the other two. Jake and IDA-1 quickly wasted the remaining two hounds. Sisko weaved his way into the statues of sith warriors and began attempting to climb his way up the side of the stair case. Enraged by the death of her hounds, the sith swept into battle with what appeared to be complete nonchalance but she moved with unnatural speed when she struck the party. She turned and struck Plashi and Talon saw an opening to strike a killing blow. Her lightsaber flashed up into the exact spot the blaster bolt was about to strike and shot the bolt strait back at Talon staggering him slightly. Plashi began to back up frantically attempting to hit the sith with a poisoned needle.

They finally managed to bring down the enraged sith and approached the alter of Ludo Kressh. Jake managed to nimbly climb his way up Ludo Kressh’s statue and remove a Sith Blade. Sisko inspected the casing that protected the holocron, he could see writing on the casing but could not read it. Jake was able to decode the message and read “With Light I am revealed, With Dark I am released”. Sisko zapped the casing with force lightning and one side opened slightly, but this would take much more power to open. IDA-1 began checking the light sources in the room to find out if there was any correlation that could allow her to open the casing. Jake managed to smash open a sarcophagus and discovered a metal rod. He placed it into what they previously thought was a decorative marking. With one more good zap of lightning he was able to open the case.

Talon found a chunk of rock to replace the Holocron with and IDA-1 welded the casing shut. The party then stripped everything from the sith and hid her body with those of the dead hounds in the sarcophagi. The headed back through into the temple to where they had seen a trap door. The quickly realized that if they took the pathway to the left, it should lead them out to another possible exit. They dropped down and headed back towards the academy. The party quickly realized that they were being followed by the apprentices who had not made it to the temple. Obviously some of them thought they could just kill them and take the prize. Sisko breaking into a run quickly gave away the fact that they did have the holocron. The rest of the party rushed ahead of the horde of sith following them. They rushed back to Darth Nox and immediately handed over the holocron.

Upon meeting with Darth Nox he quickly began to interrogate the party about the HK model droid found aboard their ship. The droid refused to answer any of Darth Nox’s questions so he had the party perform the interrogation of the droid. They uncovered the sith that was behind the creation of the droid, Darth Khardis, “The Wrath of the Emperor”. This high level sith was apparently taking actions that could possibly undermine the entire empire. Darth Khardis was working with the RSI, a group that seemed to operate outside the wishes of both the republic and the empire and were obviously working towards their own secretive goals. Darth Nox tasked the party with killing this sith, and as a reward offered them an entire Imperial Battle Cruiser. The last known location of Darth Khardis was on the distant planet Cerea.

After agreeing to the terms of Darth Nox, the party quickly left Korriban and scoured the ship for tracking and listening devices. They destroyed all they found. At that point Talon and IDA revealed to the other that they had received a message from Raylon Ordo who had told them that the answers they were looking for could be found on Cerea and Mandalore. Before they could make any decisions of where to go, Deathstroke appeared just beyond the ring of asteroids…


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