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Long, long ago in a wiki page far, far away…

In this wiki list, the party can view things they have encountered and gain more information about the galaxy. Note: Most information has been referenced from Wookiepedia.

Wiki Groups

Races of the Galaxy – A list of the Races as they are encountered across the galaxy.

Creatures of the Galaxy – A list of the creatures the party has come across while they explore the galaxy.

Planets of the Galaxy – A list of the planets explored by our entrepid heroes.

Star Wars Timeline – A chronological timeline of all major events of Star Wars cannon, past and future.

Organizations of the Galaxy – Learn about groups that may be encountered in your travels through the galaxy.

Galactic Holonet – Access a wide variety of data from across the galaxy.

Known Bounties – A list of known bounties found through basic searches on the Holonet.

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Main Page

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